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It is not every day that you find a movie that touches you, challenges you, and changes you. One that you have no worries letting your children watch. When you get a movie from the Christian movie retailer you can feel good knowing it is a good movie, like the movie Do You Believe?.

Do You Believe Review

Do You Believe? was released in March of 2015 from the creators of Gods Not Dead. It is 120 minutes in length and takes you on an incredible journey of faith, trust and love.

This movie follows 12 different individuals who are all faced with the same question, if they believe. They are all called upon to pick up their crosses and follow Jesus. While they are all different, this challenge brings them all together as one family in the Lord.

The cross plays a major role in the movie. You see it with the street corner preacher, Malachi. He is carrying his life size cross as he spreads the good word. He is the one who challenges Pastor Matthew with the one simple question “Do you believe in the cross of Christ?”

Do You Believe Review

This one question leads us into the story. This one question makes Pastor Matthew go deep into thought and he brings it to his parish. He hits home with the statement “This is not a symbol. It is not just an ideal. It is the way. It is the truth.” He gives them each a handheld cross to carry with them as a reminder of the gift Jesus gave to us.

Do You Believe Review

That sermon, unknown to Matthew, takes these 12 lives into the spiral that brought them together. Without knowing, Matthew was speaking to the soul of many of the people sitting in the room. It fell onto open ears that needed to hear just what he had to say.

I could go on and on. I could tell you every detail. I sat and processed this movie, writing and re-writing this review many times before getting to this point. This is a movie that everyone needs to watch. You need to have your own copy! This movie, with the title question Do You Believe? will challenge you. It will make you ponder on your actions. It will make you look deep inside yourself. While it seems like a simple question, this question is very hard to answer. All in all, this movie will drive you, like it has done me, to do and be better. But that is good right?

Do You Believe Review

After watching this movie, I find myself looking for the little miracles again. I believe in those miracles again. I went from tears of sadness to tears of joy. This is the movie that I want to invite everyone over to watch. This is the kind of movie that Moe Man will watch 10 times or more and still not get enough of it.

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