GPA LEARN ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What kid doesn’t like to play a video game of some sort? What kid doesn’t like to be in control of what they are going to learn? So, if you let your child choose what lesson they want to learn about in math each day, let them play games to learn that lesson and set motivations (rewards) for a job well done, who wouldn’t be happy?

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

GPA LEARN has this wonderful math program called GPALOVEMATH that allows your child to choose which path they are going to follow for the day. GPALOVEMATH is available for grades K-5 and is a web-based math program. To fully complete a grade in 10 months, you just need to do 4-5 lessons each week. All of the lessons within GPALOVEMATH meet or even exceed the Common Core Standards (if you are worried about them).

Ray Ray got to explore this math program. We stared with the free trial that they offer before receiving the review from GPA LEARN. After two lesson in the free trial, Ray Ray asked if he could do this for his math instead of the worksheets we were doing. I told him as long as he kept working on our “fun” sheets (practicing our handwriting of the numbers), I would let him do the rest of his math on the computer. The reason for his enjoyment…being in control of what he was learning instead of me telling him what to learn.

Each day, Ray Ray would hop onto the computer when I told him it was math time and decide which one, or two lessons he wanted to complete that day. Some days, I would be able to get him to do three lessons with no problem. He had motivation and wanted to get going on getting his lessons done.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

Each lesson would start out with an actually lesson from the character of that grade level (each grade has its own character). Ray Ray has Pi the Penguin for his 1st grade lessons. After learning the new lesson, the child is than working on practice problems. These problems let your child get a feel for what they just learned. After practicing their new skills, the child than moves on to the quiz. This is where it really counts. The quiz will determine how well you know your new skill and how many points you get to earn.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

There are three levels of knowledge on the quiz, 2 master levels (Rockstar and excellent) and an apprentice level (good job). The more they get right on their quiz, the higher level you child will receive. The nice thing, when you get a problem wrong, you can go back and look to see what you did wrong. After you see what you did wrong and work on that skill, your child will be able to go and retake the quiz.

Points are always fun. But when you earn motivation rewards and you need points to redeem those rewards, you work hard to get more points. This is where it gets to Ray Ray. He loves his rewards, but always wants bigger…so he works harder to get more points. The good thing, he loves math so this is a game for him…even though he is learning something new each day he sits down to do his lessons.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

As his “teacher”, I have access to see how well he is doing. As he completes each lesson, I get an email that will tell me that he has completed a lesson and how well he did in that lesson. In my parent account I am able to pick and choose his motivation rewards, or let the computer choose for me. I am also able to send him messages that he will see when he logs in next. I am also able to test drive each new lesson that is in store for him. This helps me to know what he needs to learn, and add to that lesson if I feel that it is necessary.

GPA Learn Schoolhouse Crew Review

This has been a wonderful addition to our daily lessons! After Baby Girl being born, and mommy’s time being spread out a little more, I love knowing that Ray Ray is still learning his math. And I love being able to choose 30 minutes of snuggle time as a reward (his favorite so far)! What child, in what today we would call a large family, doesn’t love a little extra snuggle time!

Ray Ray loves the rewards number 1. That is his favorite part of the whole thing program. But as I ask him more about what he likes about math, Ray Ray tells me that he loves to pick what he is doing for school. A six year old boy being able to pick his own lesson… yeah, that is pretty cool!

We loved GPALOVEMATH and the freedom and independence that it gave to Ray Ray. Ray Ray is happy with his math and doesn’t argue with me when it is time to do math, so we have a win-win in this house!

Do you have a favorite math program that gives you a win-win in your house?

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GPA Learn Review
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  1. We also enjoy GPALOVEMATH! I started off with my son & then my youngest was added on just recently. They seem to want to do math a lot easier than before! Awesome review 🙂

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