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Do you like Unit Studies? Do you plan your own, or use premade ones? Have you always wanted to plan your own, but weren’t quite sure how to do it? Hewitt Homeschooling has this really nice resource available to us teachers called The Joy of Discovery and Learning Objectives for Grades K-8. This combined package not only includes a guide for unit studies, but also the learning objectives for Kindergarten through 8th grade.

What is it?

The Joy of Discovery and Learning Objectives is a nice combination of two wonderful resources, a guide for unit studies and a list of learning objectives for grades K-8. The Joy of Discovery comes printed in a durable three ring binder and the Learning Objectives is also combined at the back of the binder. You also get the supplies needed to make a Dial-A-Unit spinner. This is a fun addition to making sure your student doesn’t always choose the easiest way around a unit study. With The Joy of Discovery, you would be able to plan a whole curriculum for your child based off of what they love to learn about. You are able to get all of this for only $21 at Hewitt Homeschooling.

How We Used This

This was a fun “mommy” review item…little did the kids know, they would still be a part of it! I have always wanted to do unit studies, but those prepackaged ones just never seemed to fit our needs. I was able to talk with the boys, and find something that they were interested in and went to work following the steps of planning out my first unit study!

You don’t just pick a topic and go though. This program is set up so that you learn about the I3 theory (Individual, Inquiry and Instruction). With this knowledge, you will then be able to plan a unique unit study for each of your children. With the Dial-A-Unit included with this program, you are able to use your topic and what you want to know to find a thinking skill to use and a project idea. This makes each unit study different! Moe Man had fun spinning the Dial-A-Unit, and I had fun not needing to worry about all the small details myself.

After Moe Man would decide on his topic, I would than go through the steps of making sure learning objectives were touched upon during our study. The steps on how to do this are included in the planning stages. Having the list of learning objectives listed right behind the unit study pages is very helpful when it comes to this!

They have thought of everything within this study planner. Even the question and answer section and my favorite Reproducible Forms and Charts…Being able to copy a form for planning the Unit Study and the Evaluation was wonderful and made it easy to use this program multiple times.

I used the learning objectives to first make sure the kids were where they needed to be and then to work on making sure we stayed on track while planning the beginning of our year.

What Did We Think?

I loved this whole set up! I was able to take what my kids were interested in and let them have fun while learning about that topic! I also really enjoyed the learning topics, and love that they were included in the binder. While planning a unit study, they came in handier than I thought. If I would have bought just The Joy of Discovery, I don’t think I would have looked into the Learning Objectives, but getting them together showed me how much they need to be used together. If you are a Unit Study family, I highly recommend this! If you have ever thought about Unit Studies, I highly recommend this before a prepackaged one. The only thing I would change about this whole package is a picture of the Dial-A-Unit in use…the directions are there, but I was a tad confused the first time. Once I figured it out though, it was really simple!

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