Homeschool Legacy Once-A-Week Unit Study ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a once a week unit study? We recently reviewed a history unit study from Homeschool Legacy called Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution.

Homeschool Legacy’s Once-a-Week Unit Studies are a wonderful way to work together in all subjects on one basic topic. This way of learning is something I have always wanted to try with Moe Man and see how well he would do.

american revolution unit study

With the Once-a-Week Unit Study, you have simple daily activities, which is mainly reading, and your Once-a-Week activities which would take the whole day and cover almost every subject you need to cover for the day.

At the beginning of every week in the study, there is a list of Library/Video Choices for the week. You are also told about the focus of the week. Within the list of library book choices, you are told which books are the most important, which ones carry along the main focus of the week.

Homeschool Legacy Review

Once you have found your book choice for the week, and grabbed your family read aloud of the week, you are able to get started. Daily activities include reading those books and keeping up with your regular studies.

Once a week…Wednesday is the suggested day, you will work on the Unit Study for the day. You will still do the reading for the day, but you will add in the family devotional and other activities focused on the unit study.

The family devotional helps to tie the history of the United States into the bible. You talk a little about what you are focusing on for the week and read a bible verse that goes along with it. Week 3 we learned about the firebrands and then read Galatians 5:1 about freedom.

Other activities for the once a week range, but usually include everything from history, language, research of some type and arts. All these subjects focus on the topic of the week and help the children to learn more about that topic.

Homeschool Legacy Review

These subjects have your children doing research, some online or in encyclopedias. There are many different things you can do, and they are easy enough to adapt to your child’s learning skill level. Every once in a while you will come across a student work page (worksheet) for your child to fill out, but most things are done online and on notepaper.

Fridays you will do your 3 R’s including the daily reading, but you will also go on a field trip, if it is available for you and/or have a family movie/game night that goes along with the focus of the week. There are Netflix/movie choices that let you know which movie would go good or if there is a game, you would find it listed in the lesson.

This Homeschool Legacy Unit, along with many to most of the others, are Boy Scout and American Heritage Girl friendly and can help your children to earn different badges.

We printed our unit study out so that I could take notes on it. This is a no-prep study, one of my favorite types of studies! I really loved the set up and layout of the unit study, but found that this does not chive well with Moe Man’s learning. He loves to read, but free reading only. When needing to learn something from reading, or making a deadline with the reading, he freezes. This unit study focuses a lot on reading and while I helped him out through this review period, he was not happy.

Now, my final decision on this…if Moe Man loved reading a little more, this would have been a hit. He loved the research part of this unit study, and loved the movies. I loved the whole thing and would love to try this again with Ray Ray when he gets a little older.

Homeschool Legacy has many different unit studies, and many other homeschool families had the chance to review other ones. Head over here and find out how much they enjoyed their unit studies.

Homeschool Legacy Review

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