Homeschool Week in Review ~ January 30, 2016

Where oh where did this week go? I can't believe it is Saturday already! We had a very fun and busy week this last week! I can't wait to share with you what we were up to.

Homeschool Week in Review

Moe Man has been busy working on his high school classes. I am still in shock that I have a high schooler. I know, I know, it is the middle of the school year, but the shock is just setting in! We started a new history program, All American History from Bright Ideas Press. It picks up right where we were, so we are not skipping or repeating anything. So far we are in love with this program!

Homeschool Week in Review

For his electives, Moe Man is using This is a great free resource. For gym he is busy in martial arts twice a week. Language arts has been Applied Grammar. This is something new and fun that we have been using. Guess what is on the reading list? Nothing, we get to pick! I love this! We are able to pick books that go along with the other subjects that we are learning and use them as a double whammy!

Math, well that is another story. He has never liked math and finding the right program has been difficult. I am hoping to finally find something, but if any of you have a great program for pre-algebra I would love to hear about it!

Ray Ray is still Ray Ray. He loves to go at his own pace and really doesn't care what I have to say half the time. His reading is out of control! He taught himself and hasn't stopped. I am having the issue of finding the right books, with the right kind of language lessons to go with them. That is why I homeschool though, to be able to find something that works for my kids, not making my kids work for the curriculum.

Homeschool Week in Review

Math is the same way with him. He can do it all in his head without a problem, but ask him to write some numbers and he freaks out. Those silly fine motor skills in a boy who just wants to move! Once again why homeschool is for us!

Homeschool Week in Review

Little Miss is the school queen. She is the opposite of both her brothers in every way shape and form. She only wants worksheets and doesn't want to do anything boring. She wants to learn and is mad when I tell her to wait a minute. If I can't get to her, she finds her own learning. Where it took her brother until 6 years old to write his name well enough for a library card, this little one mastered it by 4 for her library card! She feels about 10 times older now, and makes mom and dad love those little cuddle up moments when she is still little!

Homeschool Week in Review

Baby Girl, well she isn't baby girl anymore. We hit the one-year birthday. Right now we are in the middle of a teething marathon. While this is great for the eating situation, this means mom and dad have their hands really full with a little one who doesn't want to be set down. She loves her singing and dancing. Music is the key to her day. If there isn't music, she isn't happy.

Homeschool Week in Review

I can't wait to see what next week brings. The fun and learning we get to enjoy together. Even if they are learning different from most other kids. They are mine and they are learning just right for them!

What have you done this last week? Did you start something new in your homeschool? Did you have a memorable moment happen? Let me know with a comment below or an email, I would love to hear!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome week! My high schooler is still struggling with math while being a few grades ahead in English. It's so funny. We were able to use Unlock Math through review crew last year & still have a subscription. So far it is the only thing that keeps her on track and actually has a high B in it while she normally failed miserably. It is expensive so I don't know what we will do once the subscription ends. If you haven't reviewed it or get the chance, try it out! Good luck 🙂

    1. We liked UnLock Math as well, but it got to a point where he didn’t understand it again. Math is my favorite, but it is his least favorite. History on the other hand…this kid rocks at history!! 🙂


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