Homeschooling High School Math

As I was growing up, I loved math. I loved all there was to do with math. I could figure out word problems and algebraic expressions were not that hard for me. I was the 6th grader on the bus helping her 9th grade friend figure out her math homework before school started! I was excited to be able to teach my kids math, and it wasn’t hard at first.

But, the good times didn’t last long. I figured out that my boys didn’t enjoy sitting down and figuring out math problems. They just didn’t want to. Moe Man does not like numbers, they confuse him. Adding letters into the numbers and you might as well just throw him a life vest! We have spent some time trying to find just the right program that works with him and not against him.

We have tried a few different things for Moe Man over the last couple of years. Some were great, others worked for a time, but became too hard and others we just wished we could get a refund on! But this is something that I enjoy about homeschooling. When changes need to be made, we are able to make those changes with our children in mind, even in high school!

I love finding a math program that allows Moe Man to build on what he learned, while doing a refresher on the previous lessons. But at the same time, I want him to master the current lesson before moving onto something new. So, what have we tried, what have we loved and what will we pass on?

Honestly? The one program we are in love with right now? No-Nonsense Algebra! We are currently working on our review of this book with The Homeschool Review Crew, but so far this has what I want and makes the learning a little easier on Moe Man! But we haven’t always had such luck with math.

Another favorite of many homeschoolers is Teaching Textbooks. I love this idea. I may use it for Ray Ray in the future, but Moe Man tired it earlier in his homeschooling career and didn’t like it. I personally think it moved too fast for him without enough repetition for mastery. This is a must for Moe Man, his ADHD and his FASD.

Life of Fred is another great option for a math option. This is another one I am thinking about for Ray Ray. Moe Man also did the Pre-Algebra of this. We loved it! This was such a fun program and a fun way to learn about math. Once again, there was not enough repetition for him to cement it into his head before moving on to the next topic.

Math Enrichment

We have tried many other things to help with the learning of math for Moe Man. There are some that worked great, some that were good for a time and some that just didn’t click. We love extra resources to help us with our learning like Khan Academy and Algebra for Breakfast. Now this resource…while not a full curriculum is a great hands-on way to practice what is being learned. Hands on is a plus in our books and we have been able to use the hands-on materials for the other kids with their math as well. This is one we love to come back to!

What are some of your favorite math programs for High School Math that has a lot of mastery involved?

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