I Let Him Cook!!!

I am a control freak when it comes to kids in the kitchen. I am sure my poor kids have missed out on a lot of fun things because of this. However, I worry about EVERYTHING that could go wrong with kids in there! Well, Ray-ray got to go and spend some time helping daddy cook pork chops on the grill the other night. I am not sure on details, but he made us tell him thank you for supper too, so he did something pretty important smiley After that, I figured Big Kid needed his turn. So I bit my tongue and basically tied my hands behind my back for last night's supper.


Now, it wasn't anything crazy…nope, no five course menu coming out of the kitchen. Heck, it wasn't even balanced and it came out of a box. But you know what? He did it by himself and he was proud of it, as I am of him!



Step one was to read the directions. I really made it tough on him and we made a double batch!

Open Cans

Than we had to open cans. He wasn't too sure of the smell from the freshly opened can…but we went with it to see if it turned out better than it smelt!


Boil Next we had to bring it to a boil while stirring occasionally. I had to remind him that he didn't have to be right there on top of it and to find something to do when he wasn't stirring.


And here we have our supper!!! Like I said, not really balanced, but all done without me! We didn't have daddy home with us, so that is why there were only four plates frown But next time Big Kid cooks, we will make sure to have daddy be our taste tester too!

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