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I’d Rather Be Your Mommy ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Sometimes being a mom can be hard. The days are long, the kids need something new every time you turn around and there is just no time to do what you want! You stay up late just for a little quiet time before falling asleep, only to be woken up in what seems like moments to start the day over again. Yet, even with all of this, you would not trade a moment of being mommy to those little ones. That is exactly what I'd Rather Be Your Mommy from Home School Adventure Co. is all about!

For this review, we received a PDF copy of the book I'd Rather Be Your Mommy, I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Color Book Edition and the I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Print Set. These were all digital copies, and I could print them immediately and start using them. I kept the actual book itself on the iPad rather than print it. I found this was better for us because the kids love to gather around the iPad when I pull it out, so it only seemed logical, and the pictures would never turn out the same when printing them on my home printer!

This book is a simple, yet powerful book. The story line is easy to follow and everyone could guess what was coming up next, as it should be in a children's picture book. We get to tell our children through this book, that out of all the beautiful, wonderful and awesome things we could do in this world, and out of it, we would still rather be their mommy. And, yes, we can simply tell our children that and not need the book, but the book makes it so much more fun!

The coloring book was the complete 20+ pages of the book, but in color book format. This was fun to print up and let the kids pick their page to color. Little Miss wanted to make her own book for me to read, and colored all the pages, one at a time, during the review period. She was beyond excited when I sat down with her and read "her" copy of the book!

To finish out this collection, we received prints of a few of the pages from the book. This was the first contact the kids had with the book. I printed these up and hung them around the house. The kids noticed them immediately and began reading them, or asking me to read them. That little reminder on the fridge door, or the bathroom mirror every day that I would rather be their mommy than dive with the whales or fly in a hot air balloon, made their days brighter!

After the crazy busy and stressful month and a half that we have dealt with, finding the time to sit down and cuddle with the kids has been fun. And to read to them about how much I love being their mommy? Well that is a bonus! The kids seem to request this book when I am having a tough day. Funny how it makes us all feel better when they say, "Mommy, could you read us the book about you?" This is a book that we will be reading in the months and years to come that is for sure!

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