Imagine…The Great Flood – A Homeschool Crew Review

A major flood, a huge ark, and giants trying to destroy you! And not to mention you are a ten-year-old boy who doesn’t want his family to move from Texas to Florida! How can this be possible? Barbour Publishing has given this adventure story to your children with Imagine…The Great Flood by Matt Koceich.

Imagine…The Great Flood starts off with 10-year-old Corey upset about the move his family has to make. His dad has a job offer and they need to go. Corey is understandably upset by this and voices his opinion to his mom. Her response is “Sometimes things change. But God never changes.” This simple statement carries us through the rest of the book.

After hitting his head, Corey wakes up to find that he is in 2400 B.C. Mesopotamia. He is face to face with a lion, who doesn’t seem to want to hurt him. He then finds Shem, one of Noah’s sons. Yes, Corey is experiencing the prepping for the great flood first hand!

While it seems exciting to be able to help Noah and his sons prepare for the great flood, Corey finds out that there was a lot of evil and betrayal during this time. He comes face to face with giants called Nephilim and an even greater evil with the name of Elizar.

Trying to survive these evils, and finding the courage to call out to the Lord when he needed help, Corey found out that his mom was right. Times and things may change, but God does not. Even when Corey is back in the present day, he knows that God does not change. This is the theme of this story!

I LOVED this book! Yes, I read it, in under 24 hours. The story is aimed at ages 8 – 12, but even I walked away with more than I started with. I picked this book for Ray Ray, knowing he loves the real-life adventure stories. He was not disappointed in this book.

I made Ray Ray do a book report after reading this book, the first thing I noticed was that Ray Ray rated this book as “Awesome”, not pretty good, not OK, but awesome! His favorite part of the book was “All of it!” I asked him to tell me more, and all he would say was “All of it was good, I didn’t have a favorite part, besides the whole thing.” For the boy who loves giants, to say all of it was good and not just that part, I know this book was a good one for him like it was for me!

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Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich {Barbour Publishing}
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