Is There Anything Better Than Candy? – A Homeschool Crew Review

Halloween is fast approaching. Are you ready for it? Do you celebrate it? What if there was a fun way to spread the message of Jesus while giving out candy? Let the Little Children Come has given us a way to hand out candy from our house or at church while spreading the gospel message with Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract.

This is not a simple little piece of paper that will get lost as the kids tear into their candy this Halloween. This is a pumpkin Halloween tract that not only contains candy, but also the gospel message. How? Let me show you, but first…

Is There Anything Better Than Candy Box-Tracts come in a pack of 20, they sell for $15.95 a pack for your first ten packs. If you order more than that, your price goes down per pack after that. They come on as a perforated cutout that you have to punch out of the page and put together. There are instructions on each page that show the general idea of how to put them together. They are simple to put together, so simple instructions are all that is needed. Once they are done, they are cute little pumpkins that are approximately 2 inches tall.

From the outside, you have only the message “Is There Anything Better Than Candy?” Otherwise, you only see the cute little pumpkin. However, the surprise is when you open the pumpkin up. There is just enough room to include a small piece or two of candy, but there is something so much more important.

Once you open your pumpkin up, you have a beautiful flower that shares the friendship of God with each child who gets one. Each petal is numbered and each number leads you in a quick trip to be closer to God. We learn that God wants to be close to us, to do this, He sent His Son to save us. As we go around the circle, we learn that we can be closer to by doing three things, and we finish with a prayer to help us admit our sins and to ask forgiveness and well as asking Jesus into our lives.

What a great gift to give with candy on Halloween, a way for children, and families, to find God and come closer to Him! This is not a in your face way of sharing your faith with others, instead, this is a gentle approach to allow families to talk about God in their house at their pace.

Now, how to hand these fun little pumpkins out. There are numerous ways. You can purchase them yourself and hand them out at your door. Maybe you buy one pack or ten or more. You decide and hand them out to those trick-or-treaters who come to your door as you see fit. Or, if you oversee the children’s activities at your church, you can use these there! You can hand them out to your Sunday School students, your Bible Study kids, or at the public church party that you may put on. However, you do it, you are passing along the gospel message to families who may not ever see it.

My kids loved these pumpkins. They have them sitting on their shelf in their room. I know it is not Halloween yet, but I needed to see a kid’s reaction and they loved them! For the rest of these pumpkins, we plan to donate them to our Sunday School. I don’t know what they will do with them for sure, but we have had activities at church on Halloween and these would be a cute thing to hand out as prizes!

The only thing I would change about these, to allow us to have the numbered petals open up in order. This may require a little more focus when putting them together, but I would love to open the first flap and see number one, second number two and so on. This way we could read each petal as we open it, finishing up with the final petal as we finally get to the candy in the middle. Otherwise, there is NOTHING else I would change! My kids loved these, I loved these, and our church loved these. How could you go wrong sharing the gospel of God on Halloween with these cute pumpkins and their hidden surprise!

Is There Anything Better Than Candy? {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}
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