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Laurelwood Books: Patriotic Penmanship ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Momma, I want to write like you. How many times have you heard your little ones say this? How in the world do you teach a very independent 5-year-old girl to write like her momma? I love the Kindergarten Patriotic Penmanship in manuscript from Laurelwood Books.

A Schoolhouse Crew Review (4)

What Is It

This is a paperback workbook that takes your child through the alphabet. First we practice the letters and phonemes alone, followed by adding in short vowels to make simple words. There are 24 lessons in this workbook. Each lesson will usually last about a week, but you will decide for sure with the level of your child. While this workbook focuses on the short vowel words, you can easily add in long vowels if your child is ready for them.

Patriotic Penmanship

The Patriotic Penmanship series starts in Kindergarten and continues all the way up to high school. Each level adds more words and eventually famous Scripture, hymns, and quotes from the Patriots that helped to form our nation. There are both manuscript and cursive versions. While we are starting with manuscript, I will move Little Miss up to the cursive very soon!

How We Used It

Little Miss is super excited that she is able to start joining in more on these reviews. This was hers for writing skills since she wants to write like me. This was a great way for her to practice her letters. We started working on Lesson One right away. This was a great way to get to know the vowels. These were also simple letters to write. Lesson Two introduced the constants to Little Miss. Once these were introduced, we were now able to start working on words.


We are falling in love with the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, and that includes daily copywork to improve our handwriting skills. This workbook works perfect for Little Miss to do this. There are no, "finish this much each day" sections. We just work on a little bit each day with the goal of finishing the lesson at the end of the week, sometimes sooner.

After practicing each letter or letter combination, Little Miss is given the chance to write them on her own. While there is a lot of space, and I will start making her do more on her own, I have just made her write it on her own once or twice each time. While we write, we are learning the phonemes of each letter, and adding them together when we add another letter to the word we are working on. So not only does Little Miss work on her handwriting, she is working on her reading skills as well!

Patriotic Penmanship Review

What We Thought Of It

We loved this program. The letters were simple enough to trace and Little Miss had no issues with that. We were able to have a guideline of what should be done and do them at our pace without worry. Little Miss is able to practice on her own after tracing yet it is not required as to how many to write.

Patriotic Penmanship2

I loved finding the Scriptures and reading them to Little Miss as we went. I am excited to see how much she will learn to write as we progress into higher levels of this series. I loved finding a simple writing program that doesn't have all the extra silly stuff that is not needed.

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