Math Resources and Programs for All Ages

As I was growing up, I love my math classes. I was busy helping my friend with her Algebra while I was still in the 6th grade. I was so excited to get started with teaching my own children math, but never expected one of them to hate it as much as I loved it!

This week we are in week three of the 2017 Virtual Curriculum Fair, hosted by Susan from Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. This week we are talking about Discovering Patterns, usually in the math, science and logic areas. Today I am going to share our math resources with you.

Over the years we have tried a few different things. From games, to full curriculums to just having fun, I want to share what we have tried and what we are loving right now!

Having Fun While Learning

Both boys and Little Miss had fun listening to the stories while learning their multiplication skills with Times Tales. I love when I can find something fun to add to the learning! Another fun thing we use for math is our Tenzi Dice Game. This game has been so fun, and Little Miss is busy learning to count while playing this!

Hands On Learning

When it comes to math, it does not all have to be paper and pencil. Sometimes you need to add in some extra things. We love anything that can be hands on. We love the videos that you can find on Khan Academy or others like The Math Tutor from

Programs like Math-U-See are some great hands on way of learning math as well. This is the program that helped Moe Man get past his confusion of fractions.

Turn Learning Into A Game

While learning is sometimes hard, you can turn it into a game if you find the right program. Ray Ray loves adventures and unlocking new secrets. Programs like GPALOVEMATH is a fun one that kept him trying to unlock the next secret.

Flash Cards

Yes, plain flash cards can be a great help when working on mastering the facts of math. You can get these simple style flashcards anywhere, but you can also check out some other fun flash cards like that of UberSmart Math Facts.

What We Are Using Right Now

While we are still using some things here and there, like the UberSmart Math Facts, we are currently in a full swing of our Math Programs for the year. Moe Man is working with CK-12 Algebra 1 Concepts. I love how this offers him reading, videos and interactive math problems to work on practicing what he is learning.

Ray Ray is in the middle of Math Mammoth. While I had tried this with Moe Man without success, Ray Ray is rocking this program! This is perfect for his math brain like mine. Each unit gives us links to games that will help keep our skills up and she even has some YouTube videos to help explain new ideas to the kids.

Little Miss is in love with her math workbook from Singapore Math Essential Math. There is no real "lesson plan" for this, but a perfect program to use when just beginning. I have been using this at her pace and love it!

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  1. We loved Times Tales, and Tenzi looks interesting!  I tried to use Singapore Essentials with my oldest, but he was beyond it by the time I started so we didn't get to use it long.  I'm thinking my third child is about ready for it though.  I really liked the simple hands-on ideas on each page!

  2. I love the games we got to add in for math this year. Most of them are more spatial reasoning games, but they make it so much more engaging for the children.

  3. Tenzi! I had not even thought about it being a "math" game! We love it. I'm going to have to make some notes about these resources as some of them might be great to add to our lighter workload days. – Lori

  4. Thank you for sharing your tips and math game suggestions. Most of my kids are not math lovers, either, so we've tried to mix it up with fun stuff, too. 😉

    1. It is always fun to mix it up. Especially when they don’t know they are working on Math…like our Tenzi game! 🙂

  5. Isn't it amazing how different each child is!  I love when you find what works for a specific child.  We love the Tenzi game!

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