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Mommy, I want to play on the computer, or iPad, or some other electronic device. How often do you hear those words? They want to play, yet you want them to learn. You know that in the world today, technology is key for the kids. So, do you give in and let them play a game, or do you let them "play" a learning game like MaxScholar and the MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs?

A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It

MaxScholar was designed for children with Dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, processing problems or just struggling to learn how to read. MaxScholar uses the Orton Gilligan Method to help your child learn and improve their reading skills on all levels.

The MaxGuru program works on any computer and your tablets. We have found that the MaxPhonics works best on the tablet (iPad in our case) with a stylus for Little Miss to use as a pencil and actually trace the letters when needed. Other than that, these programs work great on the computer (we use Windows 10 for ours).


The whole MaxScholar program is geared towards the PreK all the way up to grade 12. If your child is having an issue with reading, this program will work to help them get better. If they are just learning how to read, this program will help them. If they need to read at all, this program is for them.

How We Used It

Since MaxScholar MaxGuru is great for children of all ages, we decided to have Ray Ray and Little Miss play with it. Little Miss has been using the MaxPhonics program. We have decided to use this on the iPad for her and let her use the stylus as a pencil. We have found that using MaxPhonics on the computer was harder as we tried to trace the letters with the mouse versus using the stylus and actually writing it. This was the only part of this program that she used, yet it was all she needed.

Ray Ray is older. He is able to do more, and read on his own. He hates slowing down to answer questions with his reading. He just wants to read. I had him take the placement test at the beginning of MaxReading and let him get started at the level he tested at. I came to realize quickly that he is a great guesser on tests. We ended up going back and starting at the beginning of the MaxReading program.

This program works on teaching your child to highlight, outline and summarize. This is something that he had never done before, so it took him some time to grasp this. Starting at the lower level was a blessing to be able to do, and to watch him slowly learn made me one happy mama!


We played around in the other areas available, like MaxMusic. This area has potential in my eyes. The list of artists is a lot of the "new" artists that we don't listen to that much. I was a little disappointed with this. I loved the activities they had, like playing the piano to the verse, filling in the missing words and identifying different parts of speech. We stuck to the few artists that we knew and liked, versus the others.

What We Thought

We enjoyed using this program. We had some ups and some downs with it, but overall it was a fun program to use. I was not thrilled with some of the people and song choices that were available, but knowing that this is for all ages, I just had to supervise when the kids were using it. Using the computer for the MaxPhonics with Little Miss did not work as I had hoped, yet when we pulled out the iPad it was perfect!

Ray Ray was frustrated when we started at the wrong level, but was thrilled when he caught on and started improving right away. He went from little comprehension with his fast reading, to slowing down and paying attention to the details of the words he was reading. I really enjoyed watching this happen!

Parents Page MaxScholar

There is a parent section for you to see the progress of your child. I did not use this section much, as I was spending time with the kids while they were working on their programs. If you have the independent learners who would be using this on their own, this feature would show you the progress, the weaknesses and the strengths of each child and each area they are working in.

We were just one family of two kids using this program, take a look at these other reviews with me and see what other families and ages were doing.

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

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