My (Not So) Perfect Homeschool Day

My (Not So) Perfect Homeschool DayOk, so here we go…are you ready for it? My day is NOT perfect…in fact, I don't think we have ever had one of those "perfect" days since, well, since before kids 🙂 Would I trade my kids for the perfect days again? No way! 

I like to write about the good things. I like to post pictures of the good things. But, that is not my whole day…that is usually about 5 minutes here or there and than it "normal" again with organized chaos.

So, here it goes…my (not so) perfect homeschool day.

"We will all be up and happy by 8 am to have breakfast and than start school by 9am."  So, for most public school kids, this is a dream for school 🙂 My kids, yeah, not so much…They might be up by 8, but they are not happy! And school starting by 9, um…as long as we get it done before bed, right?

"When we sit down to do school, everyone will sit nice in their spots and not run around or scream, or anything like that." We are not public school, we are not private school, we ARE homeschool. They may have "spots" to sit, but they may only use those spots once in a great while. My kids like the chairs, the couch, the bean bags, the floor, the kitchen table, daddy's lap, anywhere that is not their "assigned" seat to sit. And you know what, I DON'T CARE! As long as they are comfortable and learning, I am happy.


"We will follow a schedule everyday and do each subject at a certain time, lunch at a certain time, chores, ect." Um, hello…we homeschool. I may want to do things at certain times, but I get them done when I get them done…and chores, who has time for chores 🙂 We do pretty good on those, the house isn't falling down, but why does that dang laundry fill up so much faster than my bank account and why do I need to fold it all the time???

"The kids will be happy with everything we do and won't argue or scream about anything." HAHAHA!! Have you ever tried to teach a 7th grader, um, ANYTHING?!?!?! And than add in a Kindergarten boy…one who thinks he knows it all and everybody needs to listen to him NOW, but don't ask him to sit still, or hold a pencil, or do anything. What about that 2 year old princess who needs mommy RIGHT NOW!! She loves to sing…but it has to be loud, and she will always let you know when she isn't happy…but you just smile and think of what a blessing these children are from God and keep on going!


"Supper will be quick, easy and healthy." Sounds good…now when will the chef arrive? 🙂 I try, I do. But some days it is so nice to have something to throw in the microwave, and the kids don't really care. At least I don't think they do!

"Bedtime will be at 8:30 pm with everyone in their own bed and no problems." Yep…that is a nice dream. We have used EVERYTHING to make this happen…there is the routine, the baths, books, etc. Not happening here. Strong willed children don't really care what you do. We used co-sleeping with the kids when they were young (Don't judge me, I won't judge you. It worked for us, period.) Now, to break the co-sleeping habit. That did take awhile and Ray Ray just finally realized he sleeps better on his own. Little Miss…we are working on it. But really, now how do we get this whole 8:30 thing to work???

Now, just because I show you the cute pictures, don't think we have a "perfect" day, just know that we are perfect for God and each other and that makes us happy!!!

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