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Moe Man is in high school…if you have been following along, you know this bugs me. I am not ready to have a high schooler, yet here I am at the end of our first year. Now I need to actually track this, and my paper books are just not organized enough for this, so I have found and their Homeschool Record Keeping Program online to help me with that.

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What Is It is an online program that allows you to create transcripts, report cards, lesson plans and so much more! This program is all online, but allows you to print reports as needed for a paper copy. You can access this program anywhere you have an internet connection.

How We Used It

With, you will be able to schedule a whole year of lessons in a few minutes. If you have a program that repeats itself (like our Daily Grammar), you are able to punch that into the Create a Plan Rapid Repeat feature. Here you put the starting lesson and ending lesson and any additional text you want to have shown. The next step will allow you to pick the start date and allow you to decide what days of the week to use. This feature was a life saver for a few of the lessons Moe Man has. I did not have to enter each one, and just had to enter and go!

Rapid Repeat Feature

Another great feature we used was the Quick Split. When entering the school year, I also factored in what books Moe Man was to read. I knew how quickly I wanted him to finish a book, so I could enter the starting page number, the ending page number and the number of days it should take. This program did all the work for me and I just entered it into the lesson plan and don't worry about it again.

QuickSplit Feature

Once our lesson plan was made up, I was able to print out the weekly lesson plans for Moe Man. We have used different types of lesson plans before, but this one was a hit with him. There are no extras, nothing to confuse a person. You can pick if you want it separated by date or by subject. We used the date and all he had to do was go day by day and see what he needed to do each day. A quick glance was all he needed to be able and see what was to be done each day.

Weekly Lesson Plan

For me, I was able to log in each day and see what needed to be done with the Planbook. This part of the program was what I saw each time I logged in. This showed me what was supposed to be done, and what I needed to grade as well as what needed to get done that day. This was a great way for me to stay on track for the lessons and report cards.


What We Thought

Moe Man loved using this program. He loved how simple the weekly lesson plans were and wasn't confused or distracted by anything. I love how simple it was it was to plan the lessons. The features in this program did the hard work for me! I was able to easily plan and grade the lessons and see the reports. I loved being able to add in the course descriptions for the transcripts and know that I had what I needed for the high school reports. This gave me a peace of mind.

I really loved this program, this is one that I will continue to use for Moe Man and his high school years.

We were not the only ones who used this program, we are just one family with one way to use it. Check out the crew and their reviews to see if this is just what you need!

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