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The Three New Beginnings – A Guest Post

I’m not a perfect human. Regularly, I invoke the power of the do-over and make new beginnings in some area of life or another. At one point in life, I felt so much guilt about doing this that I found myself in urgent prayer to God. Just help me get it right so that I don’t have to start all over again constantly! But we were too far behind in our school work, and even though we homeschool year-round we needed a new beginning in the fall that year.

That’s when God revealed to me that He designed for us to have new beginnings every so often. He knows we’re imperfect creatures, and since He’s a good and loving God He gave us built-in new beginnings every year. In fact, there are three new beginnings (at least) on our calendar! Do you know what they are? There’s one in the winter, one in the spring, and one in the fall.


The Winter New Beginnings

Now, as I begin this blog post, I can already hear you readers out there arguing with me about starting with the winter new beginnings. Surely we should start with the spring! That’s the most obvious one, I think, to most people. But grant me just a bit of grace here and let me explain. The winter “new beginnings” is probably one that you’d think of if I hadn’t given you the seasons or started the way I did.

3 Yearly New Beginnings

Happy New Year! (Now does it make sense? I thought it would!) This is the time of year when most of us re-evaluate our lives, come up with new goals for the year, and organize our space. It’s a time to overhaul our decorating as we gather up the celebratory decor, and find places for all the new gifts the giving season has brought. Maybe it’s a good time to get rid of some of the old stuff, throw it out or donate it to make room for the new.

It’s not a Biblically-ordained time of year, really, but it is a cultural one. Almost everyone in the United States does some sort of breath-taking new beginnings at the end of the calendar year. The celebration we’ve just had commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. For the family of that child, it was for certain a new beginning. It was a large event because they’d come a long way for the Roman census.

And if you’ve researched and come to the realization that this all happened in the autumn, I have good news! Calculate backward from that event nine months and you know what? It’s possible that God ordained that the world celebrate the arrival of the Messiah on the date of His conception instead of his birth as the world assumes! Cool, huh? So maybe it’s God-ordained even if it’s not jotted down in the Good Book. Take a deep breath, and let’s have a new beginning for the year!


The Spring New Beginnings

Spring is a time recognized for renewal and new beginnings because life blossoms once again and even us humans emerge from our cocoons of warmth and safety in order to breathe and enjoy all that the season brings. Did you know that God specifically ordained for spring to be a time for new beginnings?

Spring Time New Beginnings

In the winter, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the spring, we commemorate His death and celebrate the Resurrection. Culturally, America celebrates this as the holiday known as Easter; Biblically, the celebration meant to recognize this event is the Feast of Passover. In Exodus 12, God’s people are commanded to keep this celebration forever; we get it somewhat right in our Resurrection Day events. But there are things we have forgotten!

Have you ever heard the phrase “spring cleaning”? Did you know that it was Biblical? That’s right! I know you probably already thought about that spring cleaning as part of the new beginnings in this season. I remember reading this part of the Bible when I first read it cover-to-cover a few years ago, and being so convicted by it! (That’s the point of the Law, of course. It helps us to recognize that we are imperfect and that there is no way to keep up to God’s standard!) Exodus 12 verse 15 gives the main gist of the Feast of Unleavened Bread:

Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, but on the first day you shall [qremove leaven from your houses… Exodus 12:15 ~ nasb

In the traditional following of this verse, those who celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread – which is the week leading up to Passover – completely and thoroughly clean their homes. What would it take in your home to be sure that not even a crumb of bread remained? Vacuum the blinds, wash the curtains, take apart the furniture and vacuum it out, vacuum the mattresses, flip, vacuum again… for starters! That sounds like new beginnings to me, for sure. What’s on your spring cleaning list? Leave a comment below and let me know!


The Fall New Beginnings

If you follow a traditional school year, then you’re likely used to having new beginnings in the fall. Even for us year-round homeschoolers, it feels like a new beginning sometimes in that it’s a return to a routine after the haphazard goings-on of a busy, event-packed summer (or a lazy summer, some years). It’s time for new clothes, wardrobe change from the hot seasons to the cool ones, putting away of the swimming supplies and gathering up and sorting of the school supplies. We shop when the sales happen! Am I right?

New Beginnings for the Fall

Once again, the Creator God knows and anticipates all things and provided in His design new beginnings for us in the fall! It was in the fall when I felt so much guilt over having to start over with our schooling and our chore routines. My circle pooh-pooed my concerns, since that’s when many of them are starting all over again anyway, and it was God Himself who got hold of me and made me realize that it was okay to start over. It was a New Year!

Yes, I know. We celebrate our New Year at the end of December. But by God’s calendar, which follows the moon instead of the sun like our Gregorian calendar, the years start with the Feast of Booths (also known as Tabernacle). It’s around this time when the family of Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted in the census, and it’s around this time that Jesus was likely born. That’s an interesting study if you ever wanted to dig into it!

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish “new year,” is a time of solemn contemplation and humbling. Leviticus 23 refers to it as the Day of Atonement, and verse 31 is where God ordains that it be kept “for all generations.” This is a celebration of the creation and it’s when the civilian year number changes in Israel. The next 10 days, referred to as Yom Kippur in Jewish tradition, are a Biblical feast that Leviticus calls the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles, and they are a time of celebration. Verse 41 is where God ordains that it shall be celebrated “for all generations.”

When you read about these holidays in the Bible, they are part of a list of feasts and holy days that Moses is being sent to tell the Israelites. Jewish culture has made their own traditions from them, but when we read it directly from the Word we can see the heart and intent of the Father. This celebration is about the harvest, and about being thankful for God’s provision. (Sound familiar to another fall holiday we keep?) I think this one sounds like it would be completely appropriate to go camping in celebration of God’s beautiful fall creation!

But if God ordains that at the anniversary of the creation of the world (tradition), His people stop to take account of their lives and humble themselves for a day, and then celebrate and feast and “camp out” for another 10 days, I think it’s fair to say that He’s giving us all a new beginnings and a season of do-overs! The traditional celebration of today counts these two holy days – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as the two most holy days of the year. It’s important to God’s heart that His people have this reset.


How to Start Over

Once God pricked my mind about His built-in new beginnings, and I realized that even our culture includes these in its own way, I no longer felt guilty about my inability to keep consistent for a full year let alone for multiple years. God gave us new beginnings because He knows that we’re imperfect and can’t even follow our own plans as we’d hoped. So let me encourage you today, mama!

Write out those goals at New Year’s. Make your plans, and take time to do it! The week between Christmas and the New Year is a fantastic opportunity to plan your new beginnings every year. Take time in the spring to do that major cleaning! Take a couple of days at least and really get the house completely clean, because there’s a spiritual component and mental release that comes with it.

And in the fall, take the time to recognize and get out into God’s creation. Evaluate how you’re doing in your goals of all areas of your life, and make it a point to write out any adjustments that need to be made in order to finish what God has ordained for you before the holiday season. Do all of this without condemnation or sorrow, because the Lord is content with new beginnings so much that He ordered us to use them. He’s the God of second chances!

DaLynn McCoy is a 13 year homeschooling mom with five children, including one graduate and four students. Having been a Christian her entire life, DaLynn enjoys finding practical ways to utilize the Word of God in her life so that she can share that growth with others. She is a blogger and will relaunch two separate blogs this spring! She covers topics from homeschooling and home keeping, to Bible study, health and food, crafts and planning, and more. Click here to sign up to be notified when her sites go live!

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Learning to Study with Victus Study Skills System – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning how to study is an important skill for children to have, but just how do you help them learn how to study? We had the chance to get our hands on the Vitcus Study Skills System. After spending some time in the various books, all three of the older kids have learned more about the best way for them to study.

The first time we used this program, there was only one level. That level is the current Level 3. We loved using this and I was excited to see that they had added new levels to their already wonderful program. There are now 4 levels, from Level 1 (K-2/3) up to Level 4 (10/11 – college).

Moe Man was the one who had used Level 3 before. This is geared towards the middle school ages (5th – 10th-grade levels). One of the new levels is the college level (Level 4). I had Moe Man use this one this time. While he is not certain about what he is going to do after high school, this gave him good skills to have. I really liked that this book talks about the skills you need in college that are different from high school. The appendix is filled with a lot of great resources to enforce the lessons and really made Moe Man think more on the college level.

Another fun level is Level 2 (Grades 2/3 – 4/5). I picked Ray Ray to work on this one. He really loved learning about his learning styles. This was something that we had not talked about before. The same day that we started using this, Ray Ray was busy putting it to the test with his other work. We found less stress and more enjoyment out of school! I knew how to present things to him, and he knew how to do them for himself as well.

My biggest excitement came with Level 1 (Grades K- 2/3). This is the smallest book of them all, but it was just the right information for the younger ages! Little Miss was thrilled to be working on these short lessons, and while they are shorter than the other books, she grasped a lot of what they were getting across.

All of the books, except Level 1 have 10 simple lessons to go through. Level 1 only has 6 lessons, but it is for a younger crowd, so this makes sense. It is recommended to do to the 10 lessons over 5 days. We decided for Ray Ray and Moe Man to do one lesson a day for 10 days. This meant, instead of one hour a day, we would spend about 30 minutes a day working on this, which matched our current school style of short lessons.

There is a teacher book that you can get that goes for all the lessons, Level 1 and 2 come with a supplement to the teacher book that helps you tailor the lessons to the age of the child. Ray Ray loved being able to play games that brought the lesson to life for him.

But, back to Little Miss and the fun new Level 1 books! At the younger age, you are not really focusing a lot on actually studying versus getting the idea of studying. These 6 lessons are a little different from the rest. They are only about a page long. The pages do not have distractions on them, and they are straight to the point. There is more teaching to talk about and the short page to enforce what you tell them. These lessons talk about how they study, how they learn best, goals (the longest lesson, but the most important in my opinion), time management, skills on reading, and listening.

I loved that the goals lesson is the longest. Teaching younger children what goals are and how to achieve them will set them up for greater success in the future. They are taught about goals, by examples of things in their everyday life, not just school. After learning about goals in life, they are brought back to school and making goals for their classes.

I really enjoy the Victus Study Skills System. I was happy with it in the past and am thrilled with the new additions!

I am not the only one who used this program, click below to check out what the other reviewers thought of this!

K through College Study Skills {Victus Study Skills System Reviews}

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Books in our Homeschool – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Well, this week is a given for a homeschool resource that we use in our homeschool…b is for books! Lots and lots of books! I have a slight addiction, and that would be to books, and I think I am passing this on to my kids. I am not sorry for sharing this addiction!

Homeschool Books

We have books that are for homeschool. I love having the kids put pencil to paper and use a book. But, we also have storybooks that are for homeschool. The kids love that we can just sit, cuddled up, and read a book for school. This is a great thing to do for the sick days, busy days, or just because days.

Some of our favorite homeschool books are:

  1. YWAM books. These are great books that help bring people from history to life. I love to use them as unit studies now that Ray Ray has fallen in love with this style of learning.
  2. Living Books. I love finding books that teach something when I read them. All books teach something, but to have books about what we are currently learning, it is a bonus!
  3. Master Books. This is a great company that we love. This is my first choice for our homeschool supplies. I especially love their America’s Story for history.

Picture Books

I love picture books! I love the pictures the most. I make all the kids read a picture book at least once a week, no matter how old they are. I love the idea of them taking the simple book with the pictures and just enjoying. I may not be able to take them around the world or to the best art museums, but I can give them a picture book!

Some of our favorite picture books are:

  1. Rainbow Fish. This little fish has so much to share with us!
  2. No, David! Our doctor’s office has this book EVERYWHERE! It is a known fact that we will read this book every time we go to the doctor. I love the ending the most!
  3. Elephant & Piggie. These two friends make some great stories. The kids love to come and laugh while we read some of the things these two friends do!

Chapter Books

Chapter books are so much fun! They take out the pictures and add in the use of more imagination. Even before they can read on their own, the kids are listening to me read aloud chapter books. It is so much fun to see the kids engaged and listening to the stories as I read them!

Some of our favorite chapter books are:

  1. The Doll People. This is a new favorite! Little Miss got this series for a Christmas gift, and we both fell in love with reading these together.
  2. Roland Dahl. These books are favorites in our house! We love to read the book and watch the movie after. The kids always seem to enjoy the books better!
  3. Little House on the Prairie. I grew up reading these books and watching the TV show whenever I could. I love reading and sharing these books to my kids now!

Books are well loved in our house. We love to have them everywhere. My one problem, I don’t have enough shelves for all my books!

What are some of your favorite books?

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Affordable Homeschooling – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Welcome to the new round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! I am so excited to be jumping back in this round after having a few issues last round. This round is all about homeschooling, and I am starting off the journey with A for Affordable Homeschooling.

When we started homeschooling, and even now, we don’t have a lot of money for those fun boxed curriculum kits. We currently have four kids who are in need of something, from a senior down to Pre-K. At $200+ per child and a tight income, there is no way that would happen. So, what did I do? I looked around and found some great affordable homeschool ideas!

SchoolhouseTeachers Membership

One of the first things I did was grab a SchoolhouseTeachers membership. I loved that it was one price for everyone in the house and we could pick and choose what we needed. This is the one program that I have continued to use through our whole homeschooling journey! I love the planners, and if you get a new membership before the end of February, you get a printed planner for FREE! I always recommend SchoolhouseTeachers to anyone when they mention they are wanting to homeschool, especially if they have more than one child!


Yes, the library is an excellent spot for finding homeschooling resources! When we have health issues come up in the house, we jump at the chance to slow down and read. There is lots to learn just from picking up a book and cuddling in with your children! I learned a lot about this from reading The Read Aloud Family. This is a great book for any family, and I bet you could find it at the library!

Notebooking Pages

This is the other resource I grabbed as soon as we started homeschooling. This is a great way to print up pages to go with the books that we were reading. I also use these when one of the kids finds something that interests them. They are given books or online resources and a notebooking page to record what they are finding. This is a great tool for my independent learners!

Easy Peasy

This is a full K-12 online free homeschool option. This is one that we used among other things when funds were tight. We love that this was Christian based, and the main focus was on reading. We still use this for preschool, I love the Getting Ready lessons and how fun and simple they are, yet my kids remember them!

There are Many Ways to Have an Affordable Homeschool

These are just some of the ways that we have made our homeschool happen even when we didn’t have the extra funds for it.

I am so excited to be back with this wonderful group of ladies in our Blogging Through the Alphabet journey! Check them out:



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Another Round of Blogging Through the Alphabet!!

It is a new year, and time for a new round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! I am so excited to be hosting again, and this time around we have a large group of co-hosts! If you have the chance, you need to check them out right here:

I have had so much fun in the past with this series. It is so exciting to share with you about everything in alphabetical order! This time around I want to share the Homeschool Edition of Blogging Through the Alphabet. What does that mean? Each week, my post will be something about homeschooling and related to the letter of the week.

This is not just for me to share with you, although I love sharing with you! If you have a blog you can join us! All posts will go up on Friday of the week. Here are the rules:

* Each post must be family friendly. If it is not, we have the right to remove it.

* When linking up to this post, you give us permission to share your post and/or a photo from your post in future posts and social media shares.

* Place the Blog Button from the site onto the post you are linking up.

* Use the hashtag #abcblogging when promoting your post. This will help us find you and help us promote you as well.

* If you have time, check out a few of the other posts and share the love.

* The most important rule is to make sure you are having fun! This is not something we want you to be stressed out over. We want to see all the fun ideas that everyone comes up with for the letters!

Come back on Friday, February 22, and see what I have to share about the Letter A and share your posts!


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Staying Motivated in the New Year

I have taken on a new position over the last year. This is great for my family, but it also means that I have to figure out how to schedule my days to get it all done. This upcoming year, I plan to make two simple resolutions to help me work from home and keep the home somewhat normal!

Little Changes Mean Big Changes

One thing that I did not know, was that making one simple little change in my routine would have big changes following it!

Now that I am working from home, I am looking for help on how to schedule and manage our days so we can still get my work, the kids’ school, the house cleaned and food for dinner all done in one day.

In making these small change, I have come to realize that I need to make more and bigger changes in our daily life. I am looking for ways to make the day to day easier for everyone in the house!

How to Make it Work

So, how do I make it work? I rely on resources that will help me make things work. Being a part of the Homeschool Review Crew has given me the option to find products that help me in ways I never thought possible.

LisaTannerWriting Balancing Diapers and Deadlines helps me figure the basics of my working from home while homeschooling and keeping the house. This program has been awesome. It is the simple things she talks about that make huge changes in our house. She has found great techniques and gives you guidance on how to make it work, working from home while keeping the house!

MyFreezEasy has been a blessing with helping me plan meals. I love looking at Pinterest, but I get lost. I can take half a day looking at all the fun recipes and only find one or two that work for us. But when I log in to MyFreezEasy, I am able to find recipes that work, find the shopping list I need, and make a second batch of the recipe to freeze for a later date! How simple is that for a busy work at home, homeschool mom??

Motivated Moms is a great resource that allows me to make sure my house is liveable. I am not saying that it is spotless, I have four kids so I don’t expect that, but I love having a simple plan laid out for me that allows me to keep my house livable while I am busy with other things. In fact, I use this list of daily chores when my kids come to me saying they are bored. They can pick a task and complete it to help mom out.

Working from Home and Homeschooling is Possible

Over this last year, I have learned that working from home and homeschooling at the same time is possible. You need to find your groove and rely on the resources you have available, but it is possible.

I have tried to do this on my own, and I failed, miserably. But when I finally went to look for help, I found that I had some great resources to help me! These resources helped me fill in the blanks that I couldn’t figure out on my own. They filled in the gaps and allowed me to keep homeschooling and working from home at the same time.

You Can Do It

You can do it. You can work from home and homeschool. You can have a liveable home while you do it. All you need are the right resources. I recommend you check these out and see how they would work for you!

How do you homeschool and work from home without losing your mind?


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Using the Library to Teach Preschool at Home

I love the library. I have always loved the library. My kids have been going to the library since they were born. While we always checked out fun books to use at home, I never knew how much my library could really be used for preschool, until this past month.

My local library is part of a chain of libraries. All of the libraries in the region are connected, and we can request books between them, or even go to the different branches and check out their building and books. This makes for fun field trips! Yes, my kids are excited to have a field trip to a different library!

While spending time at the library a few weeks ago, I found a blue bag filled with some fun looking things. These bags had been hanging by the children’s audiobooks, I just never looked at them. They were the Storytime to Go Kits. Yes, storytime to go!

These kits are awesome! They have everything you need for a storytime. Their intended purpose are for daycares, but I am taking them and using them for Baby Girl and her preschool lessons.

We go to the library once a week. That means, once a week, I am able to grab a new storytime kit. This kit includes 5 books, a CD with songs to go with the topic, and an activity. This activity can be a puzzle, flashcards, or hand puppets. That is what we have seen so far at least. Once I get the kit, I can find free printables on Pinterest that goes along with the topic.

Our library has over 100 of these storytime kits within all the libraries in the region. That means, there are over 100 topics that we can cover in our preschool homeschool lessons. These topics range from holidays and seasons to nursery rhymes, colors, and shapes. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is available in these kits! That means, all the ideas that I would have for teaching preschool at home, is available in a storytime kit to help bring books into our learning!

How much easier could it get for me!? I have 5 books on the topic I want to teach and I can switch these topics up each week to keep my child interested! This is perfect!

Pinterest has lots of free printable options available also. This means that I can find tracing, cutting, and more on worksheets that go with the topic we are focusing on that week. I don’t have to worry about too much over planning, and can just read the books all week if it gets too busy.

On top of this fun resource that I found, when visiting a neighboring library, I found out they were part of a new program for the library system, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. This is a fun program that enforces the belief that a child who has had books read to them will excel in learning more than those who don’t. They are offering rewards for the number of books that the child has had read to them before they reach kindergarten.

Since this is not our local library, I was hesitant to join this program. However, this library is in a neighboring city, the city where our bank is located, so I knew we would make our way there at least 2 times a month. I signed Baby Girl up for the program, and look forward to seeing her earn prizes for something we do on a regular basis, read books!

When it comes to homeschooling your preschool child, do you utilize your local public library?


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Homeschooling Through Christmas with

December is a month that is sometimes hard to homeschool through. For our family, we have birthdays at the beginning of the month and Christmas at the end. Between that, and all the family gatherings, we have a hard time focusing on actual school work. However, we have fallen in love with a new resource for our school during December.

When we started homeschooling, one of the first things I purchased was a membership to SchoolhouseTeachers. When I started reviewing for the Homeschool Review Crew, I was able to keep my membership. This membership gives me everything I need to homeschool all of my kids and resources for myself!

The Christmas Corner

When it comes to Christmas, there is a special Christmas Corner that is packed full of fun and informative videos, lessons, and unit studies. That means that even when life gets crazy, I can still make sure my kids are learning something along the lines of what I want them to learn.

In December, we scale back on our normal school schedule, because we can! That is a joy to homeschooling! We don’t have to have a full school schedule this month, we will make up for it later in the summer months when it is too hot to go outside. Right now, we love to watch Christmas movies, like Go Look In The Manager and A Savior is Born, both from SchoolhouseTeachers. These videos break up our days and allow some fun while we learn.

One fun resource from SchoolhouseTeachers that we have fallen in love with is the Cranberry Christmas eBook. This is our favorite because we fell in love with a Cranberry Thanksgiving and noticed the similarities in the titles. This has become a book we fallen in love with for Thanksgiving and bringing it over to Christmas just made sense. Having a unit a study to go with the book makes for s simple and fun way to learn during this busy month!

Christmas Lessons on SchoolhouseTeachers

While we haven’t dug in deeper, if we wanted to, SchoolhouseTeacehers has the options to do so during this holiday season. We can do spelling lessons based on Christmas, Art lessons, History, violin, and photography lessons that are all based around Christmas lessons. This means that no matter what your child has an interest in, SchoolhouseTeachers has an option to keep the lessons going during this busy month!

How do you keep learning alive during the busy month of December?

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Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors – A Book Review

I am always busy it seems like. I have so much going on with the kids and my husband’s health. Some days I just feel like I am not doing enough to raise my kids in the way that God wanted me to. I feel like I am messing them up more than preparing them for a future. Jami Amerine must have read my mind when she wrote Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: How Less Than Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids.

What Is It

This is a 200-page paperback book with 17 chapters. There are two parts to this book, Part 1: Relent and Reprieve and Part 2: Reward and Receive. Between these two parts and the chapters, you will read about the biggest parenting lie we often believe, why we need to seek the Bible and the wisdom of spiritual giant, why we can’t make our kids love Jesus, how to rest in our identity as daughters of a perfect Father, and so much more.

Each chapter starts with a page with a quote on it. I really enjoyed this page and spent some time just sitting and pondering on this quote. The chapters are nicely written and on topic, and the pages are clean and uncluttered.

What I Thought Of It

I loved reading this book. It was like sitting down and talking with a friend. I was able to read this while raising my own kids. I could pick it up and set it down without feeling like I had to start over. I was also able to read this while spending time on the treadmill. It was not hard to read and get information out of while still being busy with those kids I am trying to raise.

I am thrilled to have had the chance to journey with Jami Amerine. To laugh with her and to cry with her. I really did feel like a friend was helping me through the tough times I have had to go through. And knowing that someone else has done the same while still moving forward, even on sticky floors, has helped me to slow down and think of my house as sacred ground.

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Beloved – A Devotional for Young Women (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Raising kids can be hard. Making sure they are learning all they are supposed to learn, from school, to chores, and of course their faith. Little Miss in my oldest girl, and when I got the chance to review Beloved: 365 Devotions For Young Women from Zondervan, I jumped at the chance!

What Is It

Beloved is a hard covered book with 370 heavier pages. The simple flower design on the cover goes throughout the book adding something to the pages without being too crowded. There is one devotion page for each day of the year. It is undated, so you can start your year whenever you want to.

This devotional is aimed at girls ages 13-18 years old. All of the devotions are based on different women and girls from the Bible. Through this devotional, we see that the Bible is not just a book for and about the guys. We have our eyes opened to the everyday and extraordinary women.

How Did We Use It

Little Miss is a few years younger than the recommended age for this devotional, but I knew this was something that she would still enjoy, so I decided that this was something we would do together. Little did I know, I would gain just as much as her as we read through each day.

Each day started with a short Bible verse. Each of these verses are about different women of the Bible. They do not jump around like other devotionals that I have read, rather, they go together from one day to the next, telling the story of the woman.

Following up after the Bible verse is the devotional that goes with that verse. This devotional will take a lesson from the Bible verse to teach us. On Day 36 the verse was Genesis 19:25-26, the devotional takes the disobedience of Lot’s wife and shows us that curiosity can lead to disobedience. This was the perfect starting point for a great conversation with Little Miss about curiosity and sinning.

And it wasn’t just that day that leads to conversation. Each day we sat down, we ended in conversation about how we can learn from this devotional. While the stories are old, they still ring true in what we face today as young women following Jesus.

What Did We Think

Both Little Miss and I fell in love with this devotional. This was exactly what we were looking for as a way to grow stronger in our faith together. This was not too old or too young for her. Reading it with me, she was able to understand and learn from it. I can see this being a devotional that she will use over and over again, always learning something new each time she reads it.

The pages are thicker, which means they will not likely tear from constant use. There is a space at the bottom of each page for notes, which I am leaving for when she can take her own, and there is even an attached ribbon bookmark, which makes her feel extra special when she uses it.

We both loved that the devotions were short, but they were deep. There was a lot of learning that we both got out of it. Where I would see something for me as a wife and mother, she would pick out something for her as a daughter and sister. This is a book full of lessons, and for now, a lot of bonding time between the two of us. I can not wait until Little Miss is ready to take this on her own and dig even deeper into her life as a young woman of God.

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Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women {Zondervan Review}
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