Poetry Memorization ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Poetry, my favorite thing to read and write. Memorization, that thing that is super hard to do, yet we all should. What if we combined the two? What would you get? You would get Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).


Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization  IEW Review


We were happy to open this up and find the teacher's manual and CDs. With this kit, we have access to a PDF of the student's book, but for this review, we got a physical copy of the student book as well. I love the PDF version, as I have been able to print a copy of each poem for each child with the awesome family copyright that IEW offers.

Student Book with IEW

Your teacher's manual tells you how to access your downloads, like the student PDF, the MP3s of the poems, and the extras for you mom, those ones that help you learn so that you can teach your child better. What a great bonus to have! I love IEW for this! These momma downloads should be listened to before starting to help you understand, but you do not need to start with them to make this program a success.

Also included in this wonderful program is a DVD for mom (or dad), Nurturing Competent Communicators. This DVD is just over an hour long and discusses in a seminar style why poetry and memorization work together. Andrew Pudewa teaches us parents as well as he teaches our children! He reminds us that what our children know for a language comes from what is around them on a daily basis. I see this among my children and see the difference from one to the other.

This poetry memorization program is mastery based, Meaning, your child should be able to say the poem, exactly word for word in the exact location at least twice before moving on to the next poem. There are five levels in this program. However, even when you move on to the next level, you will still come back and recite the poems from the levels before. This helps to keep you and your children on your toes. Yes, I am doing this program with the kids and having fun with keeping my mind active and learning!

IEW Poetry

Each child gets to have their own chart to keep track of their poems. You start out by highlighting the poem you are working on. Now you know what you have to recite each day. You have a chart that you mark off each day that you recite your poems (level 1). This will change as you move onto the future levels by going back to the previous level as well as continuing on to the new ones.

Level one poems, these are fun and simple to learn. They are a great introduction to poetry for every age. They give your child the confidence to know that they CAN memorize something. Once your child is given this confidence, they push them, yet come back to simple ones to not frustrate your child. Oh, and it helps that these easy poems have a cute picture to help your child by giving them a picture to color. This is super cute and it is fun to see them doing something while saying the poem over and over again.

We are working together with this program, which means that Little Miss and Moe Man (10 years age difference) are working on the same poems at the same time. And yes, Ray Ray is in there too. I love this, I love watching them learn together. I love seeing them help each other. This is a great way for them to learn. Little Miss, she is a smarty, Moe Man, he has issues with things like memorization. Watching them work together, help each other, and encourage each other to learn at the same pace, this warms a momma's heart. IEW and Poetry Memorization helps us learn together.

Little Miss is shy, but this is her and her first time memorizing something. She is so proud, and I am so happy to see this!

We may have gone a little slower with this program, but you can check out the other families on the crew and see how much they loved it! Check out these reviews with me!
Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization  IEW Review

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