The Pray-ers ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

How did you learn to pray? Have you ever thought about the process of pray? Of what happens on the otherside? Do you know about the daily battle your prayer life leads? I have recently read a book that took my prayer to new heights and opened my eyes to the daily battle I must be prepared for. The Pray-ers: Book 1 Troubles from CTM Publishing Atlanta has been a soul searching, faith building book that I plan to read a second time!

The Pray-ers Review

I had the chance to hold the physical copy of Pray-ers: Boook 1 Troubles and within the 350+ pages, I found much more than a story. But the story itself is what made it more. Within this book, you see prayers in three different time eras. In the First Century you are introduced to Epaphras (Ee-paffras) and the struggles he faces as the leader of the Colossae church. The Nineteenth Century introduces us to Brother Alexander Rich. Our first time meeting him, we are watching his struggle during the War Between the States and we follow his path after the war. During the Current Era we meet Dale Riley and his wife, Margie, who both work on the campus of Macon Poly Technic University.

In each era, we see the people who pray, how they pray and what they believe with their faith in prayer. We see the angels that are helping them out. Those who are busy working "behind the scenes" to make it all work out. But, we also see the other side, the doubters, those who have little faith when they need it the most. And we see the demons who are fighting hard to make these doubters doubt even more. With this style of story, we see that faith is important through all of history. The demons are always there, no matter the time and we must stand firm in our faith to fight them.

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

The one main theme we see throughout this book is prayer. Not just prayer, but how to pray. How to learn the importance of prayer and make it more effective, if you would. Author Mark S Mirza is the founder of Common Thread Ministries. Their goal to help churches and individuals develop their personal and corporate prayer lives. Within this book, we see the styles of prayer that are used. We see the tips that are given to the other characters in the book. These tips are tips for us as well. Mark uses a lot of scripture within this book. He focuses his prayer on praying the scripture back to God. With all the scripture, he has footnotes at the bottom of the pages that show the bible verses that the prayers are referring to. At times I loved this, being able to look up the verse that meant something to me. But at other times, it got to be too much. It slowed my reading down as I kept looking at the footnotes and back up to the reading.

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

Mark also made the personal decision in this book to not capitalize the names of the demons who were playing a role in the story. While I agree with this in some ways, they don't deserve that respect, it made it difficult to pick them out as I was reading. I don't know if I would change this since I liked the fact it wasn't giving them respect.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. It took me awhile to read it, which bothered me. I am a person that loves to get into the book and read it fast. Heck I have four kids, if I don't read it fast I won't get it done! But at the same time, I loved slowing down and learning about prayer. I needed this book more than I realized. I was able to spend time learning from the book and not just reading the story. This is a book that I plan to pass on. I want to share it with others. I love the stories, but I love the tips more!

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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

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