Pursued to Eternity – A Book Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Books take you on adventures. You can travel to different worlds within the words of a book. Pursued to Eternity by John Riley is a book that takes you from the days of the dinosaurs to the eternity God has for us.

For this review, I got a paperback copy of the book. There are 17 chapters and about 150 pages. Pursued to Eternity is John Riley’s first book. He also has an Apologetics Creation vs. Evolution course available on SchoolhouseTeachers.com.

While the actual storyline of Pursued to Eternity is fictional, the challenges of evolution in our world and the survey of apologetics and bible verses are true. This book will take you on an adventure that you will not soon forget.

We first meet two brothers at the beginning of the book, 1 Christian and 1 Atheist. We see how they have some family issues when they get together, as one could imagine. But, as soon as we meet them, we are taken back into time.

We get to meet two families alive during the time of the Hebrews and Moses. We see that even during this most difficult of times, people were listening and learning and turning their hearts to the one true God.

Back to the present and the two brothers we first met. The Christian brother is a science teacher at a local high school where evolution is taught and not to be argued or discussed beyond what the lesson plans say. Some of the students were not happy about this and started discussions off of school grounds.

These discussions lead to a website built by the students without any help from the teacher. Sixty-eight questions about Creation vs. Evolution were on the website. These questions… were great! Not only do these questions question evolution, but they question why some may not ask more about evolution. How blunt can you be when you ask, “Are some scientists hesitant to criticize evolution because they may face demotion or job loss?”

As life goes on, both brothers end up working together in Egypt. During this time, we see that God is pursuing the atheist. God seeks to pursue all of us; we just need to open our hearts to see that. While in Egypt, we see the past connected with the present in an extraordinary way. I don’t want to give it away to you.

There are deaths, there is money, and there is God. And the pursuit of the atheist in this book was a victory for God.

I could tell you the whole story; it was that good. But if I did that, why would you need to grab your own copy? And I think you need your own copy. I loved that this book, while fictional, was also very real. These are topics and challenges that are faced every day all around the world. I could relate to many of these challenges, as I have encountered them as a Christian. I feel more prepared to defend the Bible and my belief in the one true God after reading this book.

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Pursued to Eternity by John Riley