Record-Keeping for the High School Homeschooler

I started homeschooling Moe Man later in his school years. He was half way through his 6th grade year. This meant that high school crept up on us faster than I thought it would. That first year was tough, but I learned a lot during that year! Most of all, record keeping is important and you need to make time for it.

While Moe Man is still unsure of what we wants to do after high school, I have to plan for anything. This means that I must be on top of the record keeping and make sure I have documentation on everything that he has done. If he wants to go out and get a job right away, so be it, but if he wants to further his education, I need to make sure that he has what he needs to make that happen. I am not a person who wants to spend hours, or days figuring it all out at the last minute, so I have started record keeping from the get go, in hopes of an easier time down the road.

When it comes to record-keeping, you do not have to be overwhelmed. You are able to break this down just as anything. The first thing I did was look to see what credits Moe Man would need to graduate. I love the High School Course of Study Checklist from Donna Young for this. I put in the required credits for each of the subjects and wrote my ideas for the courses we might use. I printed up a second one and have been writing down the courses we actually do on this one.

More than just the names of the courses, when it comes to record-keeping for the High School level, you will want to keep the course descriptions all in one place. There are different ways that you can do that. Some online grade programs like MyHomeschoolGrades lets you add in a description for each of the courses your child will be taking. This keeps them safe in one place for future reference, like when you need a transcript for a college!

Your course descriptions should include a quick idea of what your child learned during that course. You should also list the books that were used, textbooks or reading books, as well as any reports that were written for that course.

I love the use of The Home Scholar from Lee Binz when it comes to getting my record-keeping in order. When I can’t get to one of her awesome courses, I find one of her books on Amazon and read while taking notes. Lee has helped me ease the stress of homeschooling my high-schooler, especially when it comes to record-keeping. She has a course or book on every aspect of it!

Over the past two years, I have learned a lot about homeschooling a high school student. I have learned that I need to space myself. I write up the course descriptions at the beginning of the year. I update the grade every quarter and make sure to print them out. I love to keep samples of some of the daily work and a copy of each report written. Using the resources I have found helps make it a little easier, by simply breaking it down and not stressing has helped me make sure I know what I am doing and doing the best of it!


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