Say Something Nice Day – June 1, 2017

Welcome to another new month! Can you believe that it is June already? I am having a hard time believing this. Coming into June means that we are getting ready for summer. While we homeschool year-round, we still love to enjoy the summer months!


Today is the first day of June, do you know what that means? Today is say something nice day. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, there is a day dedicated to that! Just think, if everyone said something nice to just one person each day, what a better world we would have around us!

Say Something Nice Day began in Charleston, South Carolina. What happened was the mayors of Charleston and North Charleston came together to create a day to celebrate those who are close to us or those in our everyday life. This is a day to fight against unkindness, bullying and the lack of politeness that we see in our everyday life.

Say Something Nice Day is a great day to show our children how to cast aside our differences and be kind to those around us. While many of us do this on a regular basis, it is nice to see a day to pull us all together in making our world a better place!

After seeing numerous different posts on Facebook this last week on the effects of bullying, I thought it would be a great idea to challenge all my readers to say something nice to 5 different people today. Do you think you can do it? I am going to make sure I do! Will you do this again tomorrow, and the day after that, and after that? Will you take the first steps to make a change in our world by simply saying something nice? I hope you do, and I hope you challenge your children to do the same today!

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