Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network ~ Review


The new year is upon us. It is time for those resolutions again. May I make a suggestion to you? Some mommy time each week. Time for you to sit back and laugh, learn and enjoy. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home! How you may ask? Over at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network!

Ok, so you're interested, but wondering how much it costs? Guess what?! Felice has made all of these shows on the website FREE! Yes, you heard me right, I said FREE! 

I have been so blessed to sit down and listen to these shows, or have the volume up on my computer while I cook supper or lunch and listen. And the best part of these shows, you can listen to the live show and ask questions via the chat box, or you can listen to the recording later when you have more time. There are no worries about "not having the time" like many of us mommies are always saying.

So, what kind of shows can you find? Almost anything you can think of! Here are a few of my favorites:



Hal and Melanie Young have so many good topics! I had honestly not heard of them this time last year, but I am so thankful that I have and LOVE listening to everything they have to share! They talk about everything from "How to Fight so You Both Win" all the way to "Raising Real Men". As a mom of boys and a wife, they have touched on so many topics and are so down to earth and REAL!!



What about listening with the kids to "Current Issues & the Contitution" with Woody Wilson, or by yourself 🙂 This show helps with understanding of the current political issues we are facing. Have a copy of our Constitution with you while you listen to many different topics of our daily life, like Budget Talks, Health Care, Homeschooling Laws and Ron Paul's Curriculum. I personally enjoyed listening to Ron Paul and I don't care for political anything…but these are issues we need to know about. Woody has helped me listen to more with his way of talking…it doesn't sound quite so…boring, and I actually feel sad when the time is up!



The title says it all for this one! Any homeschooling mom will laugh and cry at this one! I took one look at the title and knew I wanted to listen to Dr. Melanie Wilson! I fell in love with this from just the introduction to the show! Dr. Melanie brings in co-hosts to help us mommies learn how to deal with many different things from how to easily teach math (big problem here!) to help working on your blog as a business and even how to create a parenting plan! If someone can have 6 kids AND a sense of humor, she is well worth listening to in my opinion!!




Who could pass on a Mommy Jammies Night??? I listened to the monthly episode with Crystal Paine and was so encouraged by the time the night was over. A monthly date with other moms in my jammies…this makes the whole month for me! When it comes to homeschooling, we need to be there for each other, even if it just over the internet! This show airs on the second Tuesday of the month and usually involves a Facebook party to start the night off with!


These are just a few of the many shows that are hosted weekly, and monthly on The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. I have had so much fun these last eight weeks and will continue to listen to these shows for as long as they are available!


Want to stay in touch with The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network? You can head over to the website and subscribe for emails, or join them over on Facebook.


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Have you listened to any of these shows yet? What are your favorites? If you haven't listened yet, what are you waiting for?!









Why I Give Activity Book ~ Review


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Do you need a way to teach your kids about giving during this holiday season? You want something that isn't dry and dull? Here is the answer! Why I Give Activity book by Corine is a wonderful activity book for the kids. This is a 64 page pdf download that goes along with Corine's Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time. Although these go together, you can use just the activity book and still reap all the benefits!


We used just the activity book at our house and we loved it! I love having a pdf of an activity book because I am able to print a copy of each page for each kid. When it comes to the instructions on making things, I can print one and we all share it. And there are some cute activities to make in this book!




One thing we noticed with homeschooling, our kids LOVE to color and draw. I am able to give the kids a page to color, and read the bible verse about giving while they keep their hands busy. I love seeing the pages where it asks the kids to draw a picture of different ways you can give. The stories and pictures we get…and they continue to draw those pictures on regular paper after.



Activities that are included are things like coloring the stars to see a special message. Making a special rock paper-weight, or a simply no-sew fleece blanket. It was so fun to show the kids the different projects and let them pick out what we would be making for everyone for Christmas this year! (I would show more pictures, but I know there are people reading who are going to receive those gifts 🙂 ).


Why I Give is priced just right at $4.99 for the pdf download. You can find this and Corine's other books at her BooksbyCorine.com website.


We found an activity book we will be using time and again! I love hearing what can we give so and so instead of this is what I want! Such a nice change!


Want to read more? Head on over to Bow of Bronze and see what other moms are saying about this book!



“Virtual” Field Trip Friday ~ Thanksgiving in 1621 Review


We had a lot of fun this week in our learning about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe. We sailed over to the "New World" on the Mayflower and Moe Man loved reading the story to the littles. We were able to find this book at our library. The pictures in here are beautiful! This is going on our Christmas wish list!



We have read stories that are included in our Thanksgiving in 1621 unit study from Spirited~Autumn~Hope that include The Colony's Beginnings, Building the Colony, and Meeting Native Americans. We have been able to compare housing, clothes, food, and school between the Pilgrim children and the Wampanoag children. We tried our hands at boiled bread and making Pilgrim hats.


As fun as all those things were, we had the most fun on our "virtual" field trip to the Pilgrim village. We are a family that loves going "back in time", so being able to see this villiage on the computer was fun! Moe Man was a tad disappointed when we found the Pilgrim village on the map and seen how far away from us it was.


On our short, 18 minute, visit to the village we were able to visit the homes, gardens and fort. We got to "talk" with the guards at the fort (meeting house) and learn about their jobs and their weapons. We got to "meet" Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins (yes, the kids loved them the most because we share a last name). From these Hopkins, we got to see the houses and compare them to our own. We visited with a lot of people and learned a lot in this short time.


"Talking" with the people helps us to make our history more "real". Who cares about dry textbooks when you can learn from those who were there! I get to surprise the kids later today when we head on over and take another "field trip" over to the Plimoth Plantation!




We are loving this fun study and learning a lot! You can still get this study over at Spirited~Autumn~Hope and get in on the fun!


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Chestnut Grove Academy Field Trip Friday Blog Hop








Feeling Special



I know, not everyone really enjoys the whole "trick or treating" but we do it. And we enjoy it!

This year the youngest two went out and about while Big Kid stayed with my mom handing out candy to the multitudes of kids!

While we were out, we met up with my aunt and uncle and my two cousins, who happen to be about the same age as Ray Ray and Little Miss.

We got to go see my great grandpa, their great, great grandpa. How many kids get to say they have a great, great grandpa? 

This man is my hero…if I can do HALF of what he does at his age, I will be content! 

He gardens…this year it was just tomato plants in straw bales but he still gardens, he cans…everything!, he bakes, he freezes what he won't use, he cuts the yard and keeps his house clean. If I wasn't a homeschooling mom to three, I would say he does more than me (I call it even right now). 

How does he do it, he was raised that way. Hard work was the only way to get anything. And as a homeschool family, I am glad we get to do "school" with him whenever we want. My kids are learning from him and he is learning from them. 

So on this fourth day of thankfulness in November, I am thankful for the elders in my family who can continue to teach me and my children every day!!

Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop

The Kids of Hopkins Homeschool


So here I am. Thinking, what can I write about? Do you know what I thought about? I haven't really "formally" introduced you to the kids that make up Hopkins Homeschool!! Well, here they are!




Big Kid is 13 and in 7th grade this year! I can't believe how old he has gotten already!! We are coming up on our 6th year anniversary of our adoption day of Big Kid! He has always been a part of our family, but he has been our "son" now for six years. We started our homeschooling journey last year during the middle of his 6th grade year. Since that time, we have watched him change into a kid who asks questions again. Opening his mind to new ways of doing things and watching his aha-moments has made all the tough times worth it! We love seeing him become a man, but at the same time we love seeing him still be a "little kid" with his brother and sister! He loves to read and loves to read aloud to Ray Ray and Little Miss. Big Kid is our animal kid. He loves each one of them in this house and loves helping the neighbors with theirs too. His hobbies seem to change with the months. He loves to watch Star Wars, but also loves a good cartoon too!



Our little Ray Ray! Always keeping us on our toes! He is 5 this year and sort of doing Kindergarten 🙂 He loves copying his big brother. He was a little slow getting into the school thing this year, but is now all about showing us what he can do! He has gotten into following the words as we read, and we get yelled at if we don't do that. Counting has turned into a game that he is always wanting to do…by ones, twos, fives and tens. He is finally starting to like to color, but it has to be boy stuff! Just like his brother, Ray Ray loves to watch Star Wars. He is starting to like Bakugan (a little ball that transforms into something to "battle" each other), and runs around finding all the magnetic items in the house that his little Bakugan can stick to. And a silly story about the picture, just a few days after mommy took this picture, we came back here with daddy. Ray Ray did a big boy jump and fell in, just behind where he is sitting here. Daddy became his real superhero when he went to rescue him, only to hurt his knee in the process. Like I said, always keeping us on our toes!



Little Miss, our 2 year old who acts like she is 12! She is all girly with painted nails and pretty hair, than you blink and she is full of mud while shooting zombies with a nerf gun! Yes, she is ours all the way! Little Miss is full of energy and fully independent. She knows what she wants and goes for it, no matter what anyone says. She copies the brothers with their school and has surprised us with how smart she is! Although she will watch Star Wars and can name all the characters, she would rather watch Little Mermaid or Snow White. She is daddy's little princess and knows it 🙂 


So there you have it! The kids that make this blog happen. Each one is an individual who makes this family perfect. I couldn't imagine a day without them and love them all so much! 

October in Minnesota



October 20, 2013

This is a crazy sight to see!

We woke up and seen flakes, but those flakes got bigger and bigger. This is not something I really care to see.

I live in Minnesota.

I hate snow.

But the kids love it…



When Daddy asked Little Miss what the snow tasted like she said, a snow ball 🙂 And than he asked Ray Ray what the snow tasted like, he said "Winter"…smart kid!

I am fine with winter in the winter, but in my opinion, October is a little too early! Here's to hoping it doesn't keep up like this all winter! I do like a few more nice days in the 40s before pulling all this winter stuff out. But at least the kids are having fun!

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #33


Welcome everyone!! This is my first week doing this weekly blog hop. I hope you will join me and visit all these other wonderful bloggers and see what is happening with everyone! And don't forget to head over Upside Down Homeschooling to read about the Host and Co-hosts of this Blog Hop!


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Homeschool Spaces

Our Home School Spaces with From The Mrs.


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Now, for the blogs for this week! Hearts for Home Blog Hop is for any post that shows your heart is in your home. It can be anything like homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, marriage, faith, family, friends, you get the idea right? We just ask that you would link back to this blog or display the Hearts for Home button within your post or on your sidebar.


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Family Field trip


We went on a family field trip over the weekend. A short (hour drive) from our house, we found a nice little "farm" that allowed our kids to get up close and personal to many different animals. Ray Ray has this fascination with deer. We had gone out and looked for deer on our car ride home from picking up daddy at work, but that just wasn't enough for this kid. When he walked in the gates, I thought he was seeing Santa Clause! 


These deer were so tame. They really didn't care what you did! It is not everyday that your kids can sit and watch out over the water with a deer. Each of the kids got a bag of food and got to feed the deer straight out of their hands. This was so special for each of them.



Even Big Kid had a fun time sitting down and petting the deer. We had never been here before, and found new surprises around each corner as we walked. Not only were we able to feed the deer, but we got to feed goats, llamas, pigs, bunnies, ducks, horses and sheep! They also had an elk pair, a grizzly bear, bobcat, wolves and river otter. However, those that were more dangerous wer not able to be fed or touched like the deer and other animals. (This momma was glad!)




Mommy and daddy had just as much fun as the kiddos! Little Miss kept wanting to feed the babies, but those were smart little deer and didn't let people get too close to them. They did have a sign saying that the fawns would "listen" well to their moms and stay away from strangers. That is good for them, and made for a good teaching moment about stranger danger!


Until next time deer!!


Have you gone on a fun field trip like this? What was your favorite memory? 

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