2 Hearts – Inspirational True Story (Movie)

I am always on the lookout for great movies. I love watching movies whenever I get the chance, but I also like the movies that have so much more in them.

2 Hearts Movie

I have checked out the trailer for 2 Hearts, a new movie that will be coming to theaters September 11th. This is a movie based on a true story. It is one that provides purpose, inspiration, hope and miracles.

If you are a fan of I Still Believe, Miracles from Heaven, or Courageous, this will be a movie you want to check out!

Check out the trailer here and see what you think for yourself.

Keep an eye on the blog. I will be previewing this movie and sharing more with you soon!

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FishFlix.com Captive DVD ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When you want to find a good movie to watch, where do you go? You can go to the local store and shift through their collection of who know what, or you can head over to FishFlix.com and know that you are only looking at wholesome Christian based movies, like Captive, which we have had the chance to watch!

FishFlix.com Review

FishFlix.com is a wonderful website to head to when you are in need of a good movie to watch. On their site, you will find all different kinds of Christian based movies to watch. You will be able to find whatever you are in the mood for, be it an entertaining movie, biography, educational, cartoon or documentary, FishFlix.com has it for you!

I always struggle when looking for movies, wondering if it is an ok one for the whole family, or if mom and dad will need to stay up late one night to preview it before having a family movie night. But when I look at and order movies from FishFlix.com, I know that I am able to put that movie right into the DVD or BluRay player and sit back and enjoy! Not only that, but I love supporting a local, Christian based company!

I love when I get a movie from FishFlix.com. You feel like you just got a package from a friend! They make sure you get what you want and they make sure you know that you are thought of during the packaging and shipping process! I still remember the first time I opened a package and found out that FishFlix.com is just a town away from me!!

Captive is a movie based on the true story of Brian Nichols and Ashley Smith. This is the story of when Brian escaped police custody and was the shooter in a courthouse shooting. He ends up taking Ashley hostage in her own home. Ashley is facing her own demons during this time.

FishFlix.com Review

As these two people face their own personal demons, they find a meeting place in the middle when Ashley starts reading from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book. This time they spent with this book does something to both of them that will change their lives forever.

FishFlix.com Review

I love watching good movies and love finding ones that we can all watch together. I was held captive by this movie and couldn't wait to see how it ended. While there was some violence and drug use, this movie is nothing like most other PG-13 movies you would grab from the store. I had no issues with letting our kids watch it with us. We did have a discussion during and after as questions came up, but it was a very good movie and story!

FishFlix.com Review

FishFlix.com is having a great giveaway right now! You can be entered in to win a 5 movie collection that includes,  War RoomThe Ultimate GiftSuperbook: A Great AdventureMy Son, My Savior and Owlegories 2.  Over $80 in DVDs! All you have to do for your entry is to sign up for their newsletter!

So, after visiting FishFlix.com, what is the number one movie YOU want to watch with your family??

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FishFlix.com Review


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