The Loneliness Solution – A Book Review

Over the years there has been a lot of development of technology that is meant to “bring us together”. However, with all the ways to “stay connected,” we are seeing more loneliness than ever before and this was before the pandemic of 2020.

I have been given the book The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World by Jack Eason to read and review. I really enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot from it.

What Is It

The Loneliness Solution is a paperback book with 180 pages. It is broken down into two parts, The Problem of Loneliness and The Loneliness Solution. Between these two parts are 18 chapters that walk us through the problem and the solution to this new issue.

Each chapter has a main focus, Living Life Alone, The Fight against Loneliness, We Are Family, The Joy of Meeting Needs to name a few. At the end of each chapter, we find a couple of Practical Questions to Consider. These questions make you think about what you have just read. They are a great summary of the main points you should take away from the chapter.

There is also a Put It Into Practice section at the end of each chapter. This section was sometimes tough to get through. The idea of putting what you are learning into practice would sometimes mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but that is also the point!

How I Used It

For this review, I read the whole book right through. However, I do plan to go back and read only one chapter a week. I want to fully spend time on the putting into practice section. I feel to get the most out of this book, that this would be the way to do it.

Spending time reading the chapter, taking time to think and pray over the questions, and spending the week working on putting things into action will be something I look forward to. I did work on some of putting things into action as I was reading because they just really stood out to me as something that needed to be done and done right now.

What I Thought

This is a book that should be in every house across the world right now. We have so many people who are alone or feel alone. It doesn’t matter how many online friends and followers you have, you need real-life friends and fellowship. We need to take the steps suggested in this book to bring us back to a more connected time.

As I am writing this review, I have seen a Facebook post from a friend. She was asking for prayers for another Facebook friend who was thinking of taking their life. She was trying to reach out to this person, but only knew them through Facebook and didn’t have a phone number or any other means to contact them. This is a struggle of our seemingly connected world. We know people online, but do we really have a fellowship with them?

I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to read this book, to work on putting the steps into action, and to get rid of loneliness with those around me. The chapters are easy to read and are full of information. The action steps, even though they will take you out of your comfort zone are very easy to complete, there are no major supplies needed besides yourself and others around you.

I have the opportunity to help get this book into another set of hands and I am thrilled to do this! Check out how to win your own free copy right here:

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  1. So how do I enter? Just leave a comment? It can be really hard as a parent to keep our kids grounded in the real world with real world relationships. Sounds like a really helpful book.

  2. I really feel this. I live in a state that is limiting who can visit in private homes, even outside. We miss our friends so much.

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