Times Alive ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

"I don't want to do math today…unless it is that fun one on the computer!" This has become a major part of my homeschool day these last few weeks. This is all thanks to a program from Times Table the Fun Way called Times Alive.

Times Alive is an online program that teaches your children the multiplication table with fun stories and songs. There are some simple requirements to this program:

  • Requires an internet connection
  • For use with one computer at a time
  • Keeps track of several different students as long as they return to same computer.
  • Students may stop anywhere and resume where they left off. The program remembers

There are numerous other activities that you can also purchase to go with this program, but they are not required for the level of learning that will happen. In as little as 20 minutes a day, your child will learn and master the multiplication table, even if they hate math!

Ray Ray loves to figure out math…in his head. He fights every math lesson that we do. He would rather talk to me about math than work on it. But Times Alive takes his boring math lessons and turns them into a fun game. This is the key to his heart. Make something a game and he is ready to conquer it until he wins.

I had all the plans to follow the strict 20 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week, but I had one problem. Ray Ray wouldn't stop once he started! This was something new, and I loved it! He would sit there playing this "game" and learning how to multiple without fighting me, in fact, he asked to do math and I could not say no!

There are 18 different lessons in this program, these include learning the times tables 0-9 along with a lot of fun review mixed in throughout. Your child will not be learning these in numerical order. Many of the lessons are set up in a similar fashion. First, we start off by watching a video of the lesson. These lessons are fun interactive stories that introduce the facts we will be learning. Our numbers have a story as we watch this lesson, and we remember them, and their story. This helps with remembering the facts as we learn them.

After the lesson, we get to learn a song. This song is one of those songs that you just can't forget. One that gets stuck in your head and you want to sing it over and over again. Ha! Here we are memorizing the facts again!

After we have heard the story and sang the song, we get to do a quick quiz to see what we remember. These quizzes are not the scary, forget everything you learned quiz. These quizzes, show you the picture of the characters you met in the story. You are able to look at the picture to help you think about the facts you learned. If you can remember the story that goes with the picture, you will remember the facts that you are trying to memorize.

To make sure that your child is retaining what they are learning, we get to do some progress reports. These are simple and easy to do. This is a great way to see what your child has retained, or what they need to go back and work on some more. If you notice that they need extra work, you can easily clear a score with a password and have them redo the progress report once they have worked on the lesson a little longer.

We have had so much fun using Times Alive to help us learn our multiplication facts. Finding something that is a game yet helps Ray Ray learn is a great win for me. He enjoys this program and asks to use it. I love the set up and how I don't have to plan anything, other than when he is going to spend some time sitting down to work on learning. When you find a program like this with a busy house, you love it and want more of it. That is exactly how I feel about Times Alive.

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Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

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