Tips for Getting Your Kids to Bed

It is the end of another long homeschool day. You are tired, your exhausted and you just don’t know what to do. Should you cry, laugh, or go to sleep?

How to get your child to sleep

I know that you have felt that way. I know I do almost every day. The kids love being at home instead of “in school”, but they know all the right buttons to push, on everyone! By the end of the day everyone is tired, they don’t want to go to bed, but NEED to go to bed! Just when you need to relax the most, that is when you get the busiest!

I know that in the Hopkins Homeschool house, bedtime seems to last forever! No one wants to go to sleep, except for mom and dad! We are currently trying to find a routine that works for us. That is where this post comes in handy…well at least I hope it does!

I have made a collection of some great ideas, tips and tricks that are supposed to help get your lovely little ones to bed. I have yet to find any ideas for those teenagers!

How to get your kids to bed

10 Ways to Get Your Child to Sleep in Her Bed

This is a fun site with some great ideas of different things, from the simple going potty before laying down, to the fun of making sticker charts and earning rewards.

How to get your kids to sleep

How to Get All Your Kids to Nap

This is not really a bedtime post, but I can tell you that the tips would still work for bedtime. This is a great resource to have if you don’t want all the frills and just the basics. Rachel has a whole collection of sleeping articles right here!

How to get your kids to sleep

Getting Kids to Sleep Naturally

If you are more of a natural person, and really when it comes to kids we should be, here is a great list of ideas on getting kids to sleep with all natural ingredients.

How to get your kids to sleep

How to Get Your Kids to Stay in Bed

Ok, this one is my favorite. It is not about sleeping, rather staying in bed, and this would make it easier to fall asleep if they are actually in bed! I love the ideas, and although I have troubles with my olders, with a little training and help from above, I should be able to retrain them using these ideas! (Oh and she has tips from her readers here too! What a great idea!)

How to get your kids to sleep

How to Get Siblings to Sleep at Bedtime

This is a difficult one here at our house. With 4 kids, they are bound to have to share a room. This can lead to fighting or goofing around when they should be sleeping. This article is great to help make that stop and get them to sleep!

How to get your kids to sleep

How to Get Older Kids to Sleep in Their Own Bed

Now, this is a good one for the co-sleepers (don’t judge, because I don’t). It is even good for those kids who start in their bed, but by the time mommy and daddy go to bed they find a kid in bed with them. There are some great ideas, and a great way to have your bed back when the kids get older!

We all long for the quiet of bedtime, that time when mommy and daddy have their alone time. Or for us bloggers/WAHMs, that time to get your work done. What are some tips and tricks that you use for getting your kids to bed?

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