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Do you use flashcards in your math studies? Do your kids like them? I love the concept of flash cards, but with multiple children, sometimes it is just too hard to sit down with each one and study them like they need. Enter in UberSmart Software and their UberSmart Math Facts.

What It Is

UberSmart Math Facts is a downloadable program for Windows 7, 8, XP or Vista. Once you have purchased this program, you will have unlimited access. This is not a full math program, but rather an aid to help your students with their math facts. Starting with something simple like Dot Cards (these look like dominos) and working on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, this program will help your child actually master their math facts. The addition and subtraction goes up to the 9’s and the multiplication and division goes all the way up through the 20’s. This program is geared for grades K-6, but is really for anyone who needs help with their math facts. Both Ray Ray and Moe Man are using this program here at our house.

Unlike paper flashcards, UberSmart Math Facts gives you different options when it comes to studying your math facts. You start off with the simple Learn function. This is where you simply go through the cards and learn the facts you or your child chooses. There is no typing in the answer, no right or wrong, just learn. When you are ready, you move on to Practice mode. Practice is just that…practice what you learned during the learn stage. Here you will type in your answers and check them as you go along. If you get one wrong, the program shows you the correct answer before moving along. After some practice, you can even choose focused practice, which allows the child to work on the problems they have the most problems with.


After practice, you move on to Test mode…here you can work on an Assessment Test, or a Mastery Test. These are just as they sound. The assessment test is not timed, while the mastery test is. The assessment test covers a little of everything to see what your child already knows and what they still need to learn. The mastery test helps you see the payoff for your student’s hard work.

Another section to the UberSmart Math Facts is the reports section. This is my section. I can hop on here and see if the boys are actually doing as they say (I usually know anyway), or if they are just goofing around. I can see the facts that they have mastered, or take a look at their test results.

A Day in the Life of UberSmart Math Facts

We did not use this program everyday…but we used it multiple times during the week. I would have the boys work on their math for the day and then finish up with a drill in UberSmart Math Facts. Moe Man has a hard time with his multiplication facts. He always has, but using the computer instead of me to help him, he likes it. There are no frills and confusing parts to the program, so he wasn’t distracted. He was able to focus on the facts at hand. We took one number group at a time, starting with the 3’s. I would have him study in the Learn mode until he felt he was ready to actually practice. From there he would go onto the Practice mode. He stayed here for the longest time working on mastering the facts. I let him decide when he was ready to go to the Mastery Test, but after the 3’s I changed my mind. He kept putting it off and so the new decision has been made that every Friday he does the Mastery Test until he actually masters it. This has motivated him more, and I am glad that I made this change.

Ray Ray is still in the early stages of math. However, he knows quite a bit for the early stages. He loves math, but despises writing, so with UberSmart Math Facts, I am able to let him master his facts before he masters his writing. I am fine with not forcing him to write, and love that he is still learning these facts thanks to this program. He is happy to be able to do a lot of this independently since it was a simple to use program.

Final Opinions

Moe Man is not happy with anything math, but I did not hear any complaints from him on using this. To me, this is a good thing! I did not do the assessment test with him, as we just wanted to work on multiplication first, however, I am now interested to see where he is at and regretting that I don’t have that starting point.

Ray Ray is happy anytime he gets to sit on my computer and this is no different for him. He also does not complain, and is the child who loves to figure out math. This is simple for him to use and like I said, he loves being able to figure it out without the extra reading, so he can do it on his own. He started on the assessment test and refused to finish because of the length of it. Since we weren’t really doing anything too crazy with him yet, I did not make him finish, and will have him sitting down to work on that again.

My opinion is that I enjoy having this on my computer. I know that the boys can practice without having someone else quizzing them and I don’t have to print a ton of weekly timed tests for them to work on. I love the reports section, where I can find all their scores, but I don’t like that I have to look each topic up individually. I have yet to find a simpler way to pull everything out that I want. But, I am also not too tech savy and don’t spend a lot of extra time on things to make them easier for me.

For a price of $24.95 for the download and having up to 8 students saved on the program, this is a great deal. This is not a monthly or yearly fee, but a one-time payment. I see us using this for every child from dot cards up to division mastery!

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