Using Charlotte Mason Style Homeschooling

Over our years of homeschooling, I have learned a few things. The first thing I learned was that I could not do it all. However, this left some gaps. Then, I learned about the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling.

While I learned about this style of homeschooling early on, I didn’t actually find it to work for us until just recently. And now that I know about it and how it really works, we have gone full-on Charlotte Mason Homeschooling!

While I am still reading a lot about Charlotte Mason and her standing on education (there is a lot out there for you to read!), I have gathered enough to implement this style of homeschooling. On top of this, I am excited to learn more as we continue on this journey.

Charlotte Mason

What Is Charlotte Mason Style Homeschooling?

Charlotte Mason was a British educator in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her style of learning was to do small bits of information and lots of different subjects to keep the child’s mind wanting more. She did not like the textbooks and thought that time outside and reading “living books” was a better way of learning.

Along with this, she didn’t believe in worksheets, rather she wanted the children to narrate, or tell back, what they had learned from the readings. And even though there are a lot of subjects, they are short and spread out throughout the week, making each day a fun new adventure.

How We Use Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

We have been dabbling in the Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling for a bit now. This is what led me to dig deeper, when the little bits were working, I wanted to know more! That is what happens in homeschooling when something clicks and starts working, you dig deeper! That is what I did.

We found that it was fun doing math with Master Books and the Math Lessons for a Living Education. We found that we loved doing science together with Simply Charlotte Mason and their 106 Days of Creation (which I don’t see available anymore šŸ™ ). Finally, I knew that I wanted to have my kids with a knowledge of all the fine arts. But how was I to teach all of that!?

I found that my subscription to Your Morning Basket from Pam Barnhill covered many of the “extras” I was worried about. These plans include handicrafts, poetry, picture studies, music appreciation, nature studies, and art. All of these, plus family read-aloud time. This all takes just about an hour to complete each day.

So, besides math and science, we have been doing BiblioPlan for our history, Bible, and geography. We have added in Your Morning Baskets for the extras and Learning Literature Through Language Arts for our language arts. This program focuses on great literature to learn language arts.

What We Think of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

As my kids are learning to crochet, read A Midsummer’s Night Dream, reciting Edgar Allen Poe along with their normal math, history, and language arts, I am finding Charlotte Mason’s style of homeschooling to be the fit that we had missed. We are enjoying our days, reading Stuart Little together, and have many more books lined up for when we finish that book.

My kids long for the next lesson, they want to know the next thing we are going to learn. They know the lessons won’t last long. They know that each day will be something different when we start the day. They are wanting to learn! Is that what you want for your children? Do you want them to want to learn?

If you want your child to yearn to learn, you will want to check out Charlotte Mason’s style of homeschooling. I will be sharing with you some more over the next few weeks about habit training, life skills, and handicrafts. Not only that, but we will dig deeper into the other subjects.

We love learning together, around the kitchen table, having fun. We want you to join us in this adventure and the joys of learning!

Who else loves to follow Charlotte Mason and her style of learning?


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