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How are your virtues? How are your kid’s virtues? Do they need some work? Maybe something fun and easy to use? I have the program for you! We Choose Virtues has these wonderful Parenting Cards available for home and homeschool use.

The Parenting Cards are 13 double sided cards printed on heavy duty cardstock. There is no “schedule” on how to teach these virtues. You use them as you need them in your house. The cards are full color and include all you need to know to teach these virtues to your family. Yes, there are additional items that you can add to this program…but these cards work well as a stand-alone program as well.

Along with the Parenting Cards ($38.49), we received the Download Bundle ($7.99) to use in this review. The Download Bundle included the Teacher’s Handbook, Family Character Assessment, Coloring Pages, Butterfly Award and Sing-Along-Song Sheet.  None of these make or break the program like the Parenting Cards though.

This program is recommended for ages 3-11. It worked perfect for us and our ages. I started out by reading through the teacher’s handbook so I could understand what I was about to be teaching the kids. I did find a lot of good tips in there, such as modeling the virtue I wanted to teach, but I found so much more on the Parenting Cards themselves. The front of each card it colorful and bright. They have a character for each virtue and the virtue itself. Under that virtue there is a short example of what it means to be that virtue (Helpful – I find things that need to be done and I do them.). Than they list what that virtue is not. Once again it is written simply and very understandable for all ages. Finally, we end the front with a Bible verse on that virtue.

We Choose Virtues Review


The back of the Parenting Cards are the “Teacher’s Handbook” on a card in my opinion. Here is where all the learning and teaching is listed. We loved the User Challenge…since it is fun to compete against each other in a healthy way. Another favorite part was the What to Say After “I’m sorry”. We had been looking for a way to make sure our kids knew what they were saying when they apologized, and this seemed to work perfect. There is also the Teachable Moments. Listed here are numerous different things that you can do as a family to put this virtue into action in your house. And of course, you can’t forget the Virtue Character. A short little couple sentence long story about the character of each card to help put the virtue into everyday life.

We Choose Virtues Review

We used these cards every day in some way or another. I would start by introducing the virtue to the kids and we would spend some time going over the card together. This didn’t take more than 10 minutes at a time and this was the actual introducing of the new virtue. Once we had introduced the virtue, it went up on the wall and we would refer back to it as needed. I could simply ask, “Are you being helpful, forgiving, self-controlled, etc.” and the kids, even Little Miss would know what I was talking about. If for some reason they were to forget what the virtue was, we could easily review it from the front of the card.

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I loved having these cards in the house. I loved being able to quickly refer to the behavior I wanted instead of the one I didn’t want. Positive is so much more fun than negative! If you are looking for a virtue program for your family, I recommend this program. It fits many ages and is simple enough for any family to use, yet effective at the same time! Don’t believe me? Check out these other reviews!

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