Weekly Wrap-Up


This week sure has been busy! More for mommy than the kids though!


I got to do my first official giveaway on the site this week! Thank you everyone who signed up and thank you to Heather at Lilla Rose! It was something new for me and it was really fun!


I have been planning our “school year” out this week, and I am not any closer to having it figured out than when I started 🙁 I am having a problem deciding how many days I want to have school and how many “breaks” we are going to take. I know that we will have summer school 2-3 days a week all summer. The kids were sad about this at first, until I asked them what they wanted to learn about…two pages (front and back) later, I am now trying to figure out how to include it all in this summer 🙂


Along with planning the school year, I am trying to plan our curriculum. I like what we are doing this year, but Big Kid wants to expand on things and focus on American History. I love this, but just need how to make this all work without spending the big bucks. I have a feeling the library will be visited often 🙂


Mommy also has some fun reading she is doing. I am reading the new Philosophy Adventures. This is such a good book and I love it! I can’t wait to start having Big Kid work on it with me. The release date is coming up on May 31st! Make sure you check this out for sure!!!




As for the kids this week, Big Kid has a job of cutting Grandma’s yard. It is his first summer job ever! He’s getting so big…


Grass Cutting


The two littles get to help pick up sticks and Grandma said they could get some money that way too. What a nice grandma!


We got to try some fun science this week too. We got the book “Beyond the Science Lab” by Jason Lindsey, and we are enjoying every bit of it! Our first “experiment” was seeing what Ivory soap does in the microwave!! We started with a single bar of soap…




…than we put it in the microwave for a minute. Oh what fun was that!! This is what we had when we were done…




and the kids all thought it was fun when we did it again with Daddy. I love how the book explains the science of this experiment and the view we could take with God on this also! We will be doing more of these all summer for sure!!




There was our week in a quick re-cap. We have had so much fun and look forward to more fun in the next week!!



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  1. Looks like a full & fun week! As for curriculum we always talk about Easy Peasy…did you check that out?? Also Homeschool Share is great for lapbook units as well for their interests…so much fun!

    1. We did the Easy Peasy, and I loved that, but he wants actual bookwork as a supplement!! He is awesome though and loves to sit and read so I guess I can understand that 🙂

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