What’s Hoppin’ at Hopkins Homeschool – August 19, 2017

Welcome! Another week has gone by and here we are at the end of the week again! I want to share with you What’s Hoppin’ at Hopkins Homeschool this past week!

What’s New

I have made the choice to change up curriculum for Ray Ray. He is not happy, but we will see what happens. We had been doing Monarch Online for him, but I wanted something more hands on versus computer for him. He is still young enough that I can help teach most of it and not be in over my head! Not only that, but we have more than half of what we need on hand from current or previous reviews! So far this week, it has gone good!

My favorite piece right now is his Grammar. We have been using A Pirate’s Guide t’ th’ Grammar of Story. This is a fun way to teach the child who doesn’t want to learn the silly basics, he just wants to write a story. But if you give him a pirate, and some adventure, you have him hooked! This fun Creative Writing Curriculum takes the boring away and gives him something to look forward to when it comes to school! And heck for the price, you just can’t be beat!

Not only that, but Ray Ray turned 9 this last week! We had a great time spending one on one time with him and going out to eat, stop by Toys’R’Us and the Mall. Something we could not do with all kids in tow. He really loved this one on one time and picking out his own birthday presents from dad and mom!

What Are We Learning

Right now, both of the boys are working on World History. Moe Man is using his Monarch curriculum for this, with some added books from me. Ray Ray is using The Story of The Middle Ages from Christine Miller as his core curriculum. After taking a look at All Through the Ages, we have found a wide variety of books to use with this curriculum to add to it and make it more fun! On top of some great reading, I plan to add in some notebooking pages from NotebookingPages.com to help make sure that he is understanding what he is learning. This is something simple, yet effective with what we are reading.

What We Are Eating

So, we have been trying to add in some more Trim Healthy Momma Meals. While some people have had no issues with this, we have an issue with this. We have picky eaters, we have a very tight budget that can’t be played with and if you pay attention to the food at the store, healthy food is usually twice the price of non-healthy food! All of this added together make switching our meals a little hard. However, we have found some great meals that we love.

One of those meals that we love, one that I have been asked to repeat is the Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. This meal is everything that a person craves. There is not that much to be picky about, especially since the picky eaters in this house love chicken and ham! Not only is this comfort food in its finest, but it is listed as a THM S meal if you follow this recipe. My whole family ate this and love this! When I give them “diet” food and they ask for more, I don’t argue!!

How About You

What are some new things that you have been doing? Are you getting back into school, or have you been homeschooling all year? What is your favorite meal from this past week?

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