Why I Give Activity Book ~ Review


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Do you need a way to teach your kids about giving during this holiday season? You want something that isn't dry and dull? Here is the answer! Why I Give Activity book by Corine is a wonderful activity book for the kids. This is a 64 page pdf download that goes along with Corine's Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time. Although these go together, you can use just the activity book and still reap all the benefits!


We used just the activity book at our house and we loved it! I love having a pdf of an activity book because I am able to print a copy of each page for each kid. When it comes to the instructions on making things, I can print one and we all share it. And there are some cute activities to make in this book!




One thing we noticed with homeschooling, our kids LOVE to color and draw. I am able to give the kids a page to color, and read the bible verse about giving while they keep their hands busy. I love seeing the pages where it asks the kids to draw a picture of different ways you can give. The stories and pictures we get…and they continue to draw those pictures on regular paper after.



Activities that are included are things like coloring the stars to see a special message. Making a special rock paper-weight, or a simply no-sew fleece blanket. It was so fun to show the kids the different projects and let them pick out what we would be making for everyone for Christmas this year! (I would show more pictures, but I know there are people reading who are going to receive those gifts 🙂 ).


Why I Give is priced just right at $4.99 for the pdf download. You can find this and Corine's other books at her BooksbyCorine.com website.


We found an activity book we will be using time and again! I love hearing what can we give so and so instead of this is what I want! Such a nice change!


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