Wordsmithy ~ A Book Review

How do you build confidence in a child who hates to write? One who will fit you all the way, plus some? You look for a writing help guide that has nothing to do with writing of course! What? Yes! A writing help guide that has nothing to do with writing, like Wordsmithy Hot Tips for the Writing Life by Douglas Wilson.

Wordsmithy Review

Moe Man does not write! He fights every time that I try to make him write. What is a homeschool mom to do? Well, you keep your eyes open and jump when you see something that offers what both mom and son want. A simple book to read that will give ideas on how to be a better writer without the actual writing.

Wordsmithy Review

What Is It

Wordsmithy is a 120-page book that your child will read. There are no writing assignments, yet your child will walk away with many new ideas for their writing assignments. There are 7 chapters, each containing about 7 mini lessons. Each lesson has takeaway points like "Love what you observe, love what you write and love those who read it." Chapter Four Part Seven. These takeaway points are just little tidbits of what your child needs to hear to know that their writing is better than they think it is. Wordsmithy is part of Timberdoodle's 11th Grade Complete Curriculum Set, but is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Wordsmithy Review

How We Used It

This was simple, assign a lesson to read and have your child read a little bit each day. When you notice that your child is interested in a particular topic, you have the recommended readings to assign. With Moe Man, I did not assign these, but was happy to see that when we re-read this book next year, we will be able to add more. We used this as a way to build confidence, to let Moe Man know writing is not just for a grade, but for those who will be reading it.

Wordsmithy Review

What We Thought

Moe Man loved this book. There were no assignments and he loved that. He was able to simply read this and take information away from it, which is his favorite kind of writing! Now that he is done, I have taken this book and plan to read it for me and my writing. That is what I like about it. This is a one size fits all kind of writing book. You're a newbie? No problem! Read this book and get some starter tips! You're an expert? Awesome, check out these tips to make your writing better! Whatever kind of writer you are, you have to read this book!

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