Year Round Homeschooling Summer Schedule

Why would you sit around and do school all day during the summer months? Don't your kids want to go and play with the neighbor kids during the summer? These are just some of the questions I get, along with silly looks when I say that we homeschool all year. But here is the thing, we might homeschool all year, but that also means we are able to have shorter days during the summer! So, what does a typical summer school day look like? I will tell you!

Summer School

During the summer, we have the kids get up at the same time Monday through Friday as they would during the school year. They have a time of 8:30 am to wake up. This is not outrageous in any way. Heck that is pretty good since we like to keep somewhat of a schedule. Being up and moving means that we can get started on school lessons sooner.

After the kids have been up and are moving, we start school by 9:45 or 10:00. This gives everyone time to wake up, eat breakfast and help with some morning chores. By this time, most other kids in the neighborhood are just waking up and here we are already moving ahead.

10:00 is our school start time. Moe Man is able to do a lot of his lessons on his own so I help Ray Ray and Little Miss with their lessons. We are able to do a lot of these together, so we are multitasking quite well all morning. With a short break as needed, we are able to finish 90% of our lessons by lunch time at noon.

Summer School Schedule

After we are done with lunch and finish picking up, the local swimming is just opening up. This is also the time that most of the other kids are getting out and about in the neighborhood. So what does that mean? Well, that means that our kids are up, fed and have finished all of their lessons before the first kid knocks on our door! This also means that the kids are able to go and be gone with their friends, or have a house full of kids at our house while still doing school during the summer!

Moe Man does have longer lessons. Some days he will start earlier, otherwise he will spend more time after supper or before bed finishing up his lessons. This happens all year for him as I have noticed certain subjects are easier for him at different times of the day.

Summer School Schedule

I don't put a time on our day. I don't say that at 9:45 we are working on Science and at 10:15 we are moving on to Math. I watch the kids, I see who is struggling or excelling at what time. I see which child is craving the attention at a certain time. I ask them what they want to do! If I am going to make them do school during the summer, I am going to involve them. If they would rather work on reading first and then math, I will let them do that.

Summer School Schedule

So, even though we homeschool through the summer, we still have lots of time for fun in the sun! What does your year round summer schedule look like?

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4 Replies to “Year Round Homeschooling Summer Schedule”

  1. I agree and love shorter days during the Summer!  I've gotten much more relaxed this Summer, but I think it's just to make up for the craziness I was living last year with overscheduled lives for myself and my kids.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been having my son work during the summer a little, but I love this idea of just expecting it in the morning and going from there…no formal schedules.

  3. Love our year-round schedule.  Mostly focusing on 3R's in July.  We take June "off" for church camps and VBS (and my sanity).  Sometime in August we resume the full curriculum.  But with July being just the 3Rs, we are done in 60-90 mins most days.

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