YWAM Meriwether Lewis – A Homeschool Crew Review

It is no secret that we love books in our house. If we can find a book that doubles as school, it is a win! YWAM Publishing is a company that gives us a full list of great books that come with Study Guides. We had the chance to read Meriwether Lewis: Off the Edge of the Map from their Heros of History Series.

Meriwether Lewis is a paperback book that is about 230 pages. The Heros of History Series are great for ages 10+, but I had Ray Ray (9) work on reading this for part of his history lessons. The best part about doing this is the study guide that I was able to use to go along with the book.

Through reading this book, Ray Ray followed Lewis and his co-captain William Clark as they traveled into the unknown territory of the west. They had a job, find a path to the Pacific Coast and explore some unexplored land in the process.

While the majority of the book is about Lewis’ travels, we start out learning about him. How when he was just five, his father died and how he had inherited all of his father’s land. Within a few months, his mother had remarried. And at nine years old, he saved his family from an Indian attack.

Reading this got Ray Ray’s attention, being nine himself. It drew him into the book and allowed him to enjoy a history book. And this enjoyment did not end. This book is written with the children in mind. It is easy to read, and full of adventure. We learn about Lewis learning from his mistakes and making changes to make his crew better. A great example of this was when they were trying out the air gun and almost killed a woman. Ray Ray knew right away that this was not good, but he loved the steps that Lewis took to be better.

Going along with this book is the study guide. This is very helpful for me to use with Ray Ray to test his knowledge on what he has learned in each chapter. But this study guide does not just include chapter questions; it also has Key Quotes from the book, display corner ideas to bring your learning to life and student explorations that allow you to take the learning farther with essay questions, creative writing, hands-on projects and audio/visual projects.

We love YWAM books. I have used them with Moe Man in the past. We really enjoyed reading Corrie ten Boom last year and adding more of the student explorations since he was older. Knowing this made me excited to be able to use this one with Ray Ray now. We did not do any of the student explorations, but we did use the chapter questions and the Key Quotes. I love working on memory with the kids, so this gave me some great memory quotes for all the kids to work on. Lewis and Clark were not on his radar before reading this book, but now Ray Ray wants to know more about them. Knowing this makes this momma happy!

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